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It seemed inexhaustible we have to thank God, because of the abundance of mercy and grace, until now we keep our faith remain as the highest level of pleasure. and the Creed, we should always fix, let me closer to the intrinsic meaning.

As we know, science has become a symbol of progress and prosperity of a nation. Thus, many are thinking among intellectuals and bureaucrats us that, if a nation is judged if there are heights of science forward. We see the schools began to be developed with a curriculum developed countries. However, the ambition to imitate the attitude of the developed curriculum is applicable only in worldly matters.

Then, a lot of smart people from our country who deliberately sekolahkan on Foreign Affairs with scholarships that anyone can take this opportunity must have good qualifications. The goal is to broaden the knowledge / science and mindset as a didatanginya developed countries, with hopes of returning from Foreign Affairs to advance the State and the Religion of Islam, but on returning home to their homeland thinking changed his views about Islam, it is worthy of concern.

Even the minds of people of intellect was essentially a Muslim who had become not much different from the secular. So in the end there is a difference in terms of aqeedah, worship, morals and even fiqh should conform to the Quran and hadith. Jama’at Islami emerged the Liberal (JIL) and others.

“The world will go over, and will hereafter come before, and both have children. So you kids be hereafter, and do not become children of the world. Indeed today there’s only charity without reckoning (calculation), and tomorrow there are only reckoning (calculation) without charity. “(Narrated by Al-Bukhari).

So the conclusion that we can take at least that:

  1. The biggest problem among people who are ignorant about religion.
  2. There will be lifted to a degree of this people must rise up and triumph except dig a true science of religion.
  3. Religious knowledge that will bring glory is the science practiced from a source that is also true, if not it will lead to destruction and the wrath of Allah.
That’s why let’s explore the science of religion is true of the original source of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
by : Hadi Nur Setyawan
Students UMY 2009
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