Her full name is Juno MacGuff. 16 years old and still in high school. She got pregnant due to a forbidden relationship with her boyfriend named Paulie Bleeker. Shortly after knowing that he was pregnant, Juno’s wish was abortion. He went to a clinic, when he arrived at the clinic, Juno met a school friend (Valerie Tian) in the courtyard of the clinic and was doing his own demonstration refusing to have an abortion. Then after entering the clinic, she was welcomed by female officers whose attitude was not friendly. Finally, Juno decided to call off the intention to have an abortion and wanted his baby to be adopted. Together with his friend, Leah, Juno was looking for advertisements for people who wanted a child adoption and found a partner that seemed very nice and expected her child.
Juno then told her father, Mac and his stepmother, Bren. Her parents supported Juno’s plan to continue his pregnancy and gave her baby to be adopted. Accompanied by his father, Juno met prospective people who wanted to adopt her son. Namely, the pair Mark Loring and Vanessa Loring, in their big house and agreed on adoption with a closed system.
Juno checked the contents with an ultrasound and then the results were shown to Mark. In addition, several times they listened to punk music and watched horror films. Mark told the history of his youth as a rock band member and now works at home to compose songs. While watching a movie, Juno asked for a plan for his son’s name. According to Mark, Venessa wanted the name “Madison” if a daughter.
Juno felt his body shape change would make her appearance worse. But according to Bleek, despite being fat, Juno remained beautiful. And after the baby was born, they could start playing the band again.
Mark and Venessa began designing rooms for prospective babies. Venessa wanted the dominant paint color to be neutral yellow. Venessa had also studied books about parenting and had marked a part for father to read by Mark.
Juno and Leah accidentally saw Vanessa in the shopping center and seemed very comfortable with the children. Then Juno invited Vanessa to communicate with the baby in Juno’s womb. And succeed where Venessa feelt the baby’s kick.
Juno feelst her friends paid attention to his pregnancy. While he told me that Bleeker would go with Katrina Devort. When he met Bleeker Juno let it down and finally they both clashed.
Then Juno went to the place of mark. At first they were happy, while listening to music. But suddenly Juno got angry when Mark said he was not ready to be a father and be a part with Venessa. Juno left Mark’s house while crying. Having stopped at the edge of the road crying, then returned to Mark’s house. Juno left a note and disappeared when they opened the door to the house.
Juno finally realized that he loved Bleeker and revealed the juice to Bleeker. It was time to give birth, juno with his father, mother and sister go to hospital. Juno accidentally didn’t give news to the beeker because he didn’t want Bleeker to worry about him. Besides that Bleeker has an important meeting with Manteno. But finally Bleeker realized and followed him to the hospital.
Bleeker doesn’t want to see the baby so does Juno. As if they were trying to forget it. While Venessa came to the hospital happily, because of getting a baby boy.
The film ends with a pair of lovers singing and playing guitar together. They realize of their mistake; falling in love after producing. the moral value of the story is to be careful of making love relationship and friendship so that the incident on this movie doesn’t happen to others.

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