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Cell phone for children

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Cell phone for children

Cell phone is a telecommunications consist of facilities or applications such as SMS, MP3, BBM, GAMES, VIDEOS and CAMERA. Cell phone also into multimedia tolls. In era modern many parents are given cell phone for their children to communicate. In capital city maybe children were aged 10 years old now using smart phone for instants blackberry, android, or I phone. The children’s using cell phone or smart phone has a negative and positive impact for children. So, it needs attention from parents to give cell phone for children.
According to the research cell phones are not good for our health. Because, cell phones radiation is very harmful the human body’s defense system of damage, headaches, loss concentrations.Morever the bad consequences that are common in the human body according to some studies, among others, increases the risk of ear tumors, brain cancer, and a bad influence on brain tissue, resulting in a meningioma, neuroma acoustic, acoustic melanoma and cancers of saliva.

In my opinion, giving cell phone for children’s are good although it is choose not effective for children. Maybe the parents think give cell phone to facilities communication with their children for example in capital city many parents busy to work in the office. So the parents just can control their children in home by cell phones, but in fact also many parents giving cell phone not effective for children because many children under 10 years old can access free videos or searching pornography picture by cell phone. In addition cell phones can make the children lazy to learn because the children busy with cell phones facilities such as SMS, FACEBOOK, GAMES, TWITTER or searching something, Because cell phone in era modern basic smart phone can be easy to searching videos or music and there are interesting application such as CHATTING, BBM, WHAT’S APP, EMAIL, YM,etc.
In conclude opinions inside negative or positive effect about cell phone for children, the parents must effective when give cell phone for the children and must know consequence with the impact use cell phones for children especially smart phone.

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