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Mobile application takes forever to develop. Developers need to build the cloud infrastructure and setting up all the backend before they start to the front end. Well, even in the front end, they will find some problems. Developing Mobile Application without Mobile Backend as a Service is so tiring, developers would go for miles away to make their app successful. Simply because the market of mobile application keeps increasing because of smartphone user keeps growing.

Some developers will choose easy way to develop their app. Such as choosing Mobile Backend as a Service to set up the environment and they can jump into the front end as quick as possible. That way they can deliver to the market faster.

Here are 3 strategies to develop Mobile Application in Mobile Backend as a Service:

  • List Your Feature

The most important strategy in developing apps is to know what are you going to deliver. Listing the features you want to deliver can be a good start to know what resources you need. If you know what feature you are going to deliver for your customer, it will be easy for you to start mobile apps development.

The feature will also lead you to choose the right Mobile Backend as a Service. Not every Mobile Backend as a Service providing the solution you need in the feature. By listing your feature, you will know what Mobile Backend as a Service you need.

  • Estimating Your Effort

Put the most complicated work as a priority. You will spend more time in developing the hardest part instead of the easy part. By listing which part is the hardest, you will also know how to solve the problem first.

For example, to manage the cloud infrastructure, you will need more time to set that will take months to develop. To solve this, you can choose to use Mobile Backend as a Service to cut off your development cost and time.

  • Choose your main feature

This one, you need to be more focused. You have to choose which feature you need to show and which one is supporting feature. We know that you might have the brightest idea and you want to show the world about it. But not everybody get it. So make it as simple as possible.

These 3 strategies will make you sort down your needs. The clearer you see what you want to deliver, the easier you start you Mobile Application.

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