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Full English Use To Learn English

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New Way for English Learning

Tamsen Butler, eHow Contributor (N/D) he defined that full English use is the factor to speak English faster. So we know that the teacher who teaches with English will motivate the student to study hard for understanding the material. And make English habit in their mind, if they use to listen English they will now about its structure even the teacher just explain orally. In other think, it can be one of practicing English. Because the student who likes to speak English is need a practice. Full English use is one of approaching method from the teacher to the student. Also for making some interesting to the student. It same with Mehdi shahmirzaei’s opinion on his blog ( ) “ that listening English everyday makes us understand well about English” in other opinion he said that we have to learn with our ears not only with our eyes. According to Barry farber, The Founder of the Language Club/Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host. He said that the advice is not offered flippantly. It was the social motivation to learn other languages, the cultural, or any other. So the teachers who teach with English will help the student to cultivate the self-awareness about English. It is very helpful for the student to understand the structure. But the teachers also have to explain correctly, and the answer of student question must be satisfied for the student. Therefor teachers’ language must understandable and the material must explainable too. Because its will be applied for the student daily activities. Imam Musbikin (2010) explained that studying of foreign language will improve brain capability because the neuron in our brain will be connected one and each other. The connection of neuron is the measurement of people intelligence. And listening into English everyday will make our pronunciation is going better. Therefor full English use to learn English will play a big role to the student ability for speaking English. They use to listen English and it will make their feeling of English is growth. With their feeling they can improve their ability in speaking, moreover in writing. But don’t forget its need a process, because the ability will never be developed except with the exercise which it’s continually. It more help full than traditional English teaching. Traditional English teaching is studying of English which it is translated into Indonesia. And this traditional English teaching will never grow the self-confidence in student soul. As we know that self-confidence is something important in our life. Ahmad Salim Badawilan , self-power (2010) define about self-confidence. Self-confidence is the feeling of somebody about the worth of their self in the people vision. Now day problem is the less of self-confidence increase day by day. It cause of the lack in physical side, material or social. One of the ways to grow self-confidence is by imagination. The imagination will make the student in high condition. Because they will imagine that they can be the one. Therefor the teacher should give motivation especially in English. Because of it the student will develop more for their English ability. Self-confidence will be built by emotional, feeling, and imagination that cultivated continually. Regarding to Agus Pambudi in LP3I journal said that self-confidence is growth by getting conversation that applied day bay day. In addition, full English will make the student more care and more spirit to develop their English. The motivation of the teacher is the great factor for developing student English. The student should practice their English with their teacher but moreover with their friends. There for full English will very help full for the student future development. Because we live in Indonesia we feel seldom to speak English. If we never practice our English, it will be lost. So, full English use will be the great factor to develop student ability in English. Main problem of traditional English teaching Full English use is not new concept in English learning method. There are many school had applied this method. But there are several schools did not apply this method. They prefer to use traditional English teaching to teach their student. In their opinion, the student will understand English deeper if they teach with this method. And this method was spread widely in this country. Because they see that full English is not satisfy student. Moreover it was not suitable for them. Therefor they apply traditional English teaching. Another reason why did the school apply traditional English teaching method is the well understanding of the lesson. The student can speak well if the students understand the material well. If they do not understand, how they can improve their English? The students need to understand before mastering something. Also there are many typical of the student which is deferent between one and each other. This is the reason why did the schools apply this teaching method. Some people argued that understands is the most important part in education. That was right, the first element understands. But there is another element that looked important too. Language feeling is important too to build the student character. There for don’t only see to the one sight. There are many part of education that can’t be divided between one and each other. When the unity of important thing is divided, it will lose its importance. It will look like flawed thing. The completeness must be maintained. Because the unity will broke if lose some parts of it. Keep it complete, and remind the final aim of English learning. Flash back about the main aim, why and what for we study and we teach? No other than for building good character and bright future. Therefor we have to choose the best thing to do. Not only for the formality. But it’s for the next generation. See and explore to the school which had applied this method. We can see to Modern Islamic Boarding School Darussalam. This school had applied this method since 1926, until now this learning style still in use. And this boarding school created many persons who played a big role in language improvement. Its caused of language feeling that has been applied. The teacher always explained in English. With this method the feeling of language is growth day bay day. Because they knew that the act that did continually will make the self-confidence in student soul. Also even indirection the language feeling will growth. There for this is the important thing that we must know. How many students understand English but they cannot apply it in daily life. So it is out of destination. Whereas the main destination is creating the ability of the student who can apply al things they got in their school. Moreover, in English education department muhammadiyah university of Yogyakarta. English is the main destination of their learning. So feeling and understanding about English is something must be for them. Because, student now and teacher in the future. So ability to motivate and to speak In English is the obligation. Communication skills also play great role in EED. Because the real teacher is the teacher is the teacher who can motivate their student to move better. With all lack in our learning method, it was being our motivation to full fill the lack with our capability. Searching some method develop our ability is one obligation of student in EED. English Use to Learn English is the way for increasing student ability in English especially in speaking. Even speaking is not everything but English without speaking is felt nothing. As CLI jargon (2005) English is not everything but everything without English is nothing.

by : Irfan Dwi Yulianto (EED Student 2010)

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