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Juno is an American comedy drama film directed by Jason Reitmen. The film starring young actors and actress like Ellen page as Juno MacGuff, Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker and Olivia Thirlby as Leah. The film also starring some of the top actors and actress such as Jennifer Garner as Vanessa Loring, Jason Bateman as Mark Loring and J.K. Simmons as Mac MacGuff.

The film begins when Juno, a 16-year-old girl, realizes that she is likely to get pregnant after having sex with a close friend, Paulie Bleeker. Even though Juno tried to deny that she was pregnant, by trying the test pack three times, but the results of the test pack still showed positive results which meant that Juno was pregnant. Juno was shocked because she was pregnant and decided to tell his close girlfriend Leah and the baby’s father, Paulie Bleeker. Paulie Bleeker tends to be confused and doesn’t know what to do about Juno’s pregnancy. Bleeker gave all decisions to Juno, where the first thing Juno did was call a local clinic run by a women’s group to have an abortion. When Juno came to the clinic where she had an abortion she met a schoolmate outside, who was calling for protests about abortion, her schoolmate told Juno that babies could feel pain during an abortion and babies also have the right to live. When Juno was filling out a form in the clinic in preparation for abortion, Juno felt guilty and decided to cancel the abortion.

Then Juno meets her close friend Leah to tell her that she won’t have an abortion. Leah advised Juno to look for an adoptive parent for the baby, because it was impossible for a 16-year-old girl to be able to raise a child alone. After planning the pregnancy and finds a couple that suitable for adoptive, Juno finally decided to tell her father and stepmother, Juno’s parents were shocked about Juno’s pregnancy, but they responded wisely. Juno Parents supported her to give birth to the baby and give it to parents who indeed want a baby in their family.

Juno and her father Mac then met the prospective adoptive parents of their babies, Vanessa Loring and her husband Mark Loring. After Juno met the couple in their expensive home, Juno felt fit and was sure to give the baby to both of them. Juno and the couple agree to a closed adoption for the baby. As time goes by, Juno was close to the parents of her baby’s adoption, especially with the husband Mark, because they both shares tastes in horror films and likes punk rock music. The climax of this film is when Mark misrepresents the closeness of the two of them by starting to show his feelings to Juno and want to divorce Vanessa.

Juno, who wanted the perfect family for her child felt that she was the one who caused Vanessa’s family to be destroyed, this caused Juno intend to cancel the adoption process of her baby. After much consideration and advice from her father, Juno decided that she would still give her baby to Vanessa if Vanessa still wanted to be an adoption parent for her baby. In addition, Juno also realized that she actually loved Bleeker as a lover not as a friend, then Juno declared her love for Bleeker, which Bleeker received her love statement and also confessed his love for Juno. The film ends with Juno still giving her baby to Vanessa for adoption, and closed with the scene where Juno and Bleeker do a duet with a guitar.

In this film the character of Juno is played very well by Ellen page, where Ellen Page can show the character of a curious teenager and wants to try everything regardless of the risk of her actions, besides Ellen Page can also show the character of a teenager who thinks freely and considers herself an adult so she tried to make all her own decisions. This film mostly tells the story of the silliness of a teenage girl named Juno, where the beginning of all her ridiculousness was when she had an early pregnancy and how she had to struggle to maintain her pregnancy, as well as finding ways to care for her child after birth. This film is very good and interesting when seen how a teenager can overcome all of her problems, which most of her decisions are taken alone, this shows that the teenager has high independence.

This film shows that as adolescents who always want to grow up quickly, but when they are required to mature too quickly, they will realize that adolescence should be the most enjoyable period in which we can still think and imagine without limits, without the burden we will bear as an adult. This was shown at the end of the Juno film that showed a guitar duet between Juno and Bleeker, and from that scene we could see that they were both trying to maintain and enjoy their youth despite having gone through many things, before adulthood comes. But when viewed from the culture, this film is too thick with western culture which incidentally leads to promiscuity, so that people with eastern culture will tend to see that this film has a more bad influence on their children. But in my opinion this film should be used as a film that should be watched by teenagers and parents, where parents can provide an understanding to adolescents that while doing something we also have to think about the consequences that we have to bear, and we must be brave to take responsibility for our mistakes. As parents we too have to emphasize the important role of parents as people who can be invited to guide and help in solving their problems.


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