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In the Islamic tradition, Moslem believed that text is not only limited to the Al-qur’an but the world and prophet tradition is text too; they saved and wanted to communicate meaning and message to Moslem. Actually there is correlation among Al-qur’an, Prophet Tradition and the world with their roles. Since Al-qur’an revolted by Allah, it did deconstruction to the Arabic society.
The verse is revealed by Allah is read. So, from the first time Allah ordered Moslem to read text in the world. The meaning of the world is sign to true reality, than Al-qur’an introduced some thing as basic in the world with some rational methods. Al-ghazali said in his book the ninety-nine names of god differentiated among name, naming and named. God as absolute reality is impossible understood by human except not directly partial namely from trails of its opus than connect to be human appreciation god suitably their minds. So, function ninety-nine of Allah is window for believer to approach their god not only definition. If god as absolute reality can understood by natural so god controllable by relative and it means not absolute. There are some reasons why we need deconstruction about religion language and how we can do it, namely.
First, holy book as saying of god in the space and time, at the same time human as target always unfold in its civilization. The society of modern can unfold without reference to holy book until position of holy book be foreign although some of its teaching always did it by human. Second, language of holy book had limitedness characteristic of local because language is product of culture. In this time religion will test its excellence about saved messaging of religion without fetter by user it. Third, when religion language is sacred, so will grow some of possibility. It is be messaging of religion protected by well or meaning and messaging of religion isolated in the sacred text. Fourth, beside holy book as codification law of god, it is dialogue of god representative by its prophet. When dialogue change by text, so in the society community there is reduction until dialogue of god with human be loosed its soul after hundreds years later only text. Fifth, when human faced to epistemological crisis will be more calm than took reconstruction current who aim to relativism. The last, thinking of human always unfold, so human can follow or repel religion teaching and holy book, when human read text of holy book, it is process dialogue between two subject so human not only interprets and asks instruction but place of holy book as a friend to dialogue every day.
From the some of judgment, we knew that among Moslem, prophet tradition and the world had relation, if we often invite to do dialogue so holy book, prophet tradition and the world will give us back answering too. The process dialogue and deconstruction had meaning in the some of principle accepted. Those principles are product and creator. Therefore confession about some thing had characteristic not existence given a stone of jumping.
Finally, without reconstruction and critical attitude toward language, human will be language prisoner, whereas the form of ideal is language as bridge to crossed symbol and text. Because of that worshiped Allah as name and worshiped Allah as absolute reality or ninety-nine names of god is two attitudes difference. In the Islamic tradition, deconstruction can do by human as step for reconstruction and improve its spiritual aim absolute reality where there is nit someone can definition its self.


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