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Heart is sour of the Iman

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In daily activities, human beings always looked for the pleasure in extravagance until the whole of desires were fulfilled but that happiness didn’t bring the profit in their life; they got happiness by the wealth and finance. Finally, we have known that faith and moral as source of shine in people’s, that is has to grow in every one and plan in their heart. If we adorn our heart by strong faith, we surely get the happiness in our life and the fait represented as source of peaceful in this life for external or internal. If it (faith) does not grow in our heart, so it’s only “fatamorgana” or we can say that we have no purpose to live in this world, we believe that we will live again after death. We must make sure our selves that without moral and faith we will do anything badly, even though we got the exciting of life but it’s not real mean, without faith, our life is not useful in either world or hereafter.
The heart decided al things will be done by human being. We will get “Hidayatut thoyyibah” after our heart filled by faith and good moral, besides of that we grow the good attitude for instance peaceful, feeling love, great affection, expectation. As soon as we will enjoy the life in the world or in the hereafter, because Allah said in His holy Al-Qur’an:
من عمل صالحا من ذرأوأنثى وهو مؤمن فلنحيينه حياة فلنخزينهم أجرهم بأحسن ماانوايعملون
Especially the man who has denied him self with Allah’s command or unbelievers (kafirun) made their life as their first purpose, because they were very pleasure they received some thing described worldly, for instance: earthly riches, throne, profession, position and woman according to Allah’s word:
وفرحون الحياةالدنياوماالحياةالدنياالامتع
The meaning is: They are unbelievers (kafirun) excited with their worldly whereas worldly is the short happiness.
All praises be to Allah Al-Mighty who has given us a lot of mercies and blessings. We as Moslems still following the tuition of our prophet Muhammad up to now, he is the best human in this world who has done the best for our life.
“Hidayatut thoyyibah” is the first purpose in our life by accepting it make our life is guided. We could get the good exciting and happiness either in this world or in hereafter, but before of that we have a lot of requirement to get “Hidayatut thoyyibah”.
We have to do the god deed (Amal Sholeh), grow the strong faith in our selves, and never think about the bed deed in our inner hearts, for example: arrogance, spiteful, wishes to be praises by some one.
And we realize that those are the sickness of heart, and we have to avoid it as far as possible and look for the medicine of it. If we allowed those illness planted in our selves (heart) while we have no honor, most of people insult our attitude and behavior and we have no real happiness on the contrary we get wariness and annoyance, so, the first step to leave it we must worship Allah Al-Mighty all the time, we often control our inner selves by praying to the god Allah as the creator all of things in his universe.
Especially for Moslems the true happiness and exciting of life is if they got gift and mercy of god because that is the first purpose in their life. As Allah’s speech in His Holy Book:
قل بفضل الله وبرحمته فبذلك فليفرحواهوخيرممايجمعون
“Say, in the bounty of God. And in His Mercy, in that let them rejoice: that is better that the (wealth) they hoard. (Yunus: 58)
Recently most the society of world was forgotten with their selves as the servant of Allah, their obligation to worship him and praise him. But they denied, they was nauseated but wealth in extravagance, they forgotten that the life this and good moral, as long as their life universe, their exciting has no function in Allah eyes.
The important thing of this speech is the heart purification is our obligation before doing to other thing. Because our behavior and attitude will run well and work the best according to the purity of heart. And we must remember else that exciting of life come to our selves after the strong faith grown in our heart and doing the good deed in our activities.



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