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Whether wearing shoes is important when attending lectures? Based on fact, most universities say it is important. Many reasons why attend lecture is obligated to wear shoes like a disciplined and orderly even the value of a attitude. For example, There is a student who is smart and a good attitude but not allowed to follow the lecture because they did not wear his shoes. What is this fair? in my opinion, the shoes is not the only factor in student don’t have good attitude. Attending lecture without shoes is okay because the shoes cannot change attitude, healthier, and economical.
First, attending lecture without shoes is okay because the shoes cannot change attitude. Many rules that mandatory wearing shoes while attending the lecture, the reason is so disciplined and tidy. Sometimes you will be considered disrespectful lecturer when doing it. However, all assessment is it actually can be done without having to require wearing shoes while attending the lecture. For example, you can look neat and polite by wearing long shirts, long skirts, and slippers. You can still show the good attitude by wearing slippers.
Second, attending lecture without shoes is okay because healthier. usually, attending a lecture takes a minimum of 100 minutes. During the day students to attend some of the other lecture. On the other hand, too long wearing shoes can make your feet sweaty and humid. Can imagine how many bacteria in your feet? of course there will be a lot of bacteria that can make your feet itching, irritation, and even fever. That problem can be avoided if you don’t wear shoes too long at the moment attending the lecture and makes you more healthy living.
Third, attending lecture without shoes is okay because economical. Usually, the price of the shoes is expensive for a student. So, they need to spend more money to buy shoes but not all students come from rich family. How is the best solution? the best solution is to divert the money to buy slippers, money can be saved and used to support the learning. Attending the lecture without shoes, wouldn’t it make life economically?
In conclusion, the students can attend lecture without wearing shoes. This is really okay. The students can still show the good attitude by wearing slippers, keep the feet stay healthy, and able to live economically and good at saving money. The hope, all of us can attending lecture without wearing shoes but still be responsible with our obligations as a good student.

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