April 11, 2021

Bing As The Main Search Engines

Website is one of the millions of websites/domains that exist in this world. However from the beginning made Gunadarma University does not at allusing facilities provided by Google. Although these facilities a lot applied to other domains.

One of the facilities that are often used by the webmaster is Costum Google Search.This facility displays the original column from the google page on a website, but of course with a smaller size. Costum Google Search it is normally used on a domain thathas had a number of post/article very much.

Costum Google Search difference with regular Search is a search on the search results.Search results from the Google Search is Costum is already indexed by Google butsearch results are simply derived from the domain that install Google applicationssuch as Search Costum.

Buku SBMPTN domain why not use Google Search this Costum facilities is due to my own domain as admin it began gradually reducing the use of the facilitiesassociated with Google. This happens because Google currently has been sodominating and start acting arbitrarily against their user. The first time I leave is a Blogger from Google, Email, Google + and many more.

Alternative Search engines that I use IE Yahoo and Bing but in the end Buku IPDN decided to use Bing as the major search engines. If you want to pay attention to the actual facilitiesprovided by Bing is better when compared to Google even Yahoo more has an excellent variation when compared to Google.

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