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ICEWaRMICE WaRM Masters Scholarship Programme in Water Resources Management for International Students

Masters (MS) Degree
Deadline: 26 Aug 2011 (annual)
Study in: Australia
Course starts Feb 2012
Brief description:

The International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM) offers a scholarship programme to attract high quality international students to education and training in water resources management, delivered by ICE WaRM partner institutions.

The ICE WaRM scholarship programme aims to:

  • provide high calibre students with the opportunity to study with ICE WaRM partners to further their knowledge;
  • provide students with the opportunity to participate in research and advance their scientific knowledge in water resources management;
  • encourage the exchange of ideas on best practice within water-related fields;
  • provide students with the opportunity to participate in presentations, conferences, seminars and forums on contemporary issues in water resources management;
  • provide the opportunity for students from organisations and countries currently facing major water issues to participate in programmes which they may not be able to fund; and
  • demonstrate a commitment to cultural change and diversity and the international sharing of knowledge and skills related to water resources management.

Host Institution(s):

ICE WaRM’s five university partners are involved in the delivery of this programme, providing students with the opportunity to specialise in their area of interest in water resources management:

  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Flinders University
  • Deakin University
  • CQ University

Field of study:

Water Resources Management.  Visit the Post-Graduate Programmes page of the website to find out more about the programme.

Number of Awards:

Not specified.

Target group:

A number of scholarships may be limited to citizens of certain countries or to particular fields of study.

Scholarship value/inclusions:

ICE WaRM offers full and partial scholarships toward the cost of the programme (tuition fee). For international students, the fully funded scholarship is about AUD$30,000 and partially funded scholarship is about AUD$15,000.   (Tuition fees are subject to change by the universities on an annual basis.)

Candidates are responsible for all other costs, such as fees for University applications, visa applications, fees, living costs during the course of study, health insurance etc. Candidates are permitted to apply for other scholarships to cover “other costs” as listed.


All persons with a water related background and/or an interest in further study in water resources management are encouraged to apply. Based on the scholarship guidelines (as of 2009), to be eligible scholarship candidates must:

  • satisfy Australian Government Visa requirements for international student entry to Australia;
  • not hold a current Australian Government scholarship;
  • meet or exceed the university’s academic requirements (qualify for the programme to which you wish to apply) for the programme which is to be considered for a scholarship;
  • be applying to commence a new programme of study and not be seeking support for a programme already commenced in Australia; and
  • be able to commence study in the semester and year for which the scholarship is offered.

See also the programme specific requirements of the Master of Water Resources Management.

Application instructions:

You will need to complete the online registration form (bottom of the web page) to gain access to the relevant application forms:

  • Scholarship Guidelines
  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Scholarships Confidential Referee Report

Once registered, you will also receive an automatic email acknowledgement with a direct link to the application forms. Complete the Scholarship Application Form and send to ICE WaRM with relevant documentation by the following deadlines (applicants can apply for current or future rounds at any time):

  • Semester 1 (July) – Deadline is  last week of February annually
  • Semester 1 (February) – Deadline is last Friday of August annually

It is important to visit the official website (link found below)  and read the three application-related documents for detailed and updated information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website:



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