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Amerika hegemony.jpgRobert Gilpin, “The Rise of American Hegemony,” in Two Hegemonies: Britain 1846-1914 and the United States 1941-2001 edited by Patrick Karl O’Brien and Armand Clesse, (Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2002), pp. 165-182

The dominant world role of the United States following the end of World War II has been the subject of many scholarly and conflicting analyses. At the core of the different views regarding America’s central position in international affairs over the past half century has been the relationship of American primacy and the world economy. In the opinion of most American analysts, there is no connection between the dominant political position of the United States and the nature of the postwar international economy. Political and economic developments, according to this position, may and do of course occasionally impinge on one another. However, politics and economics are said to exist in two separate spheres and are not logically connected to one another. In the opinion of Marxists and leftist writers, on the other band, politics and economics are intimately linked. The insatiable desire of capitalists for continuous accumulation has been the driving force behind politics in every capital economy. The outstanding expression of this conception of political and economic affairs is Immanuel Wallerstein’s concept of the Modern World System. A third interpretation, which will be set forth in this article, is that politics and economics are indeed joined, but not in the way assumed by Marxists. According to this position, the international political system has a profound influence over the nature and functioning of the international economy. A principal expression of the perspective is what has been called the theory of hegemonic stability.

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