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Hi, here I want to write down my 10 dreams after Semester 5 ends and briefly explain the state of the Indonesian economy in 2017-2018


  1. My GPA can higher than last semester
  2. Can get part time job
  3. Can speak more in English
  4. Can make my parents happy
  5. Have a lot of make up and skincare
  6. Travel in a new places
  7. Want to be an entrepreneur
  8. Want to have a new activity outside of campus
  9. Have a new phone hehe
  10. Diligent to take a bath


This is what I know about Indonesian economy in 2017-2018. In last semester many lecture explain about this. Indonesia’s economy strengthened modestly in the third quarter of 2017 supported by higher commodity prices, stronger global growth, rebounding international trade, and relatively accommodative monetary and financial conditions.

Real GDP growth strengthened from 5.0 percent year-on-year in the second quarter to 5.1 percent in the third quarter of 2017, partly due to strong investment and export growth.

Investment growth was at its highest in more than four years. Foreign direct investment recorded the largest net inflow in over seven years. Indonesia’s key export commodities and other manufactured goods exports surged in the third quarter. Export and import volumes both registered double-digit growth for the first time since 2012.

Private consumption growth remained flat on a year-on-year basis, but there are indications that it is starting to recover. Sales of consumer durables, such as passenger car and motorcycles, both rebounded, with the latter jumping double-digits in the third quarter, after three years of consecutive contractions.

The current account deficit narrowed from 1.9 percent of GDP in the second quarter to 1.7 percent of GDP, due to wider goods trade surplus from stronger exports in the third quarter.

Its all about data, in my opinion not all people in Indonesia can fell this. As an example is an increasing investment, there are many companies that stand. The government said that with so many companies that could absorb labor and reduce unemployment. But, in fact the company absorbed a lot of foreign workers rather than workers from Indonesia.

With the ease of the company extracting natural resources in Indonesia. Even worse Indonesia is a market for them. Resources originating from Indonesia, but Indonesian people must buy against foreign parties.



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