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Annotated Bibliography – UK 2

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Hasoloan, J. (2013). Peranan Perdagangan Internasional dalam Produktifitas dan Perekonomian. Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Ekonomi  Vol. 1 No. 2, 102-112.

In this paper, it describes how the economic context of a country, one of the prominent discourses is about economic growth. Although there are also other discourses about unemployment, inflation or rising prices of goods at the same time, poverty, income distribution, and so forth. Economic growth is important in the economic context of a country because it can be one measure of a nation’s economic growth or achievement, although it cannot be denied that there are other steps.

It was also stated that economic growth is one indicator of development progress. One of the things that can be used as a driving force for growth is international trade. If the level of international trade is exports and imports, then one component or both can be the driving force for growth.

The main limitation of this paper is its limited conceptual limitations and in the long run requires empirical research to improve its application. However, this paper will be very useful as a reference for conducting more research on international trade in the industry.

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Retnasih, N. R., Agustin, G., & Wulandari, D. (2016). Analisis Guncangan Eksternal Terhadap Indikator Moneter dan Makro Ekonomi Indonesia. JESP8(2).

In this paper the author explains about the openness of the economic system owned by a country resulting in its relationship with other countries to be one of the important aspects that affect the country’s economic progress. Export performance will grow the economy of a country.

The author is more focused on discussing shocks that will occur in terms of externals. In this case international trade also provides a boost and effect on economic growth. Free market competition increasingly urges Indonesia to be better prepared to face global challenges.

This paper is certainly relevant to the current state of the Indonesian economy, where the industrial revolution 4.0 will also be a challenge. Indonesia should be able to use this as an opportunity to continue to develop in facing global competition. Keeping in mind the demographic aspects of the Indonesian state itself.

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Adi, L. (2017). Pengaruh Exchange Rate dan GDP Terhadap Ekspor dan Impor Indonesia. Develop1(1).

The autor discuss about open economy requires international trade in the form of exports and imports. Countries that conduct trade want their country to experience more surplus because the trade balance surplus will increase the wealth of a nation. Of course, in international transactions the payment system uses the currency of the country concerned.

So in this paper it is explained that the role of the rupiah exchange rate is very important. A stable rupiah exchange rate will facilitate the activities of international trade transactions. In Indonesia, the stability of the rupiah exchange rate is controlled by the Central Bank or Bank Indonesia. Although in his theory that the exchange rate of the rupiah carried out by Indonesia is free floating.

The point that we can take from this paper is that the role of the rupiah exchange rate in international trade activities is urgently needed. Developing countries generally export primary products with lower economic value, on the other hand importing finished products from developed countries and prices tend to be expensive. Seeing this, the trade balance must be won by developed countries. To compensate for developing countries exporting with a much larger volume. The result is a massive exploitation of the resources owned.



Zulkarnaen, I., Oktaviani, R., Tambunan, M., & Yulius, Y. (2018). Analisis Dampak Liberalisasi Perdagangan Kawasan Ekonomi Asia terhadap Kinerja Ekonomi Makro ASEAN. Jurnal Ekonomi dan Kebijakan Pembangunan, 1(2).

This paper investigates how international trade is influenced by liberalization, starting with the function of exports and imports.

The author explains the impact of trade liberalization on macroeconomic performance, especially in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. The findings show that the benefits of trade liberalization are still dominated by developed countries such as Japan and China. The elimination of import tariffs resulted in increased economic growth and economic prosperity in all participating countries. This also results in an increase in GDP deflator and terms of trade, which means a decrease in competitiveness.

This study is useful for understanding how exports and imports in Indonesia were established in liberalization and what the impact was on the trade balance. It also gives a gateway to predict what opportunities to begin introducing Indonesian products in global trade by means of liberalization given that Indonesia has great potential to be the right person.



Asbiantari, D. R., Hutagaol, M. P., & Asmara, A. (2018). Pengaruh Ekspor Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Indonesia. Jurnal Ekonomi dan Kebijakan Pembangunan5(2).

This paper investigates how exports can affect economic growth in Indonesia.

This paper describes the development of global halal marketing by assessing its current status, challenges and problems and steps taken to improve it. The orientation orientation of the strategic export market is offered to encourage industrial innovation in complex global halal markets. This is done through relevant scientific discussions in various international conferences and available literature.

It was concluded that outward-looking policies had an effective impact to be applied in Indonesia if the Government developed exports in the industrial sector.


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