"Urip iku mung mampir ngguyu" – pepatah jawa

The Glagah Beach is located in Kulonprogo and is an ideal place for those who love fishing for there are plenty of fishing pools in the place. There are also camping zones on the beach. The beach is 40 kilometers southwest of Yogyakarta. The Glagah Beach marks the end of the Serang River where it empties into the South Sea. There are lush green fields lined with coconut trees running along the side of the beach. You can camp on these fields or spend some relaxed moments while you enjoy the beauty of the place.

You can party, bathe, play or relax on the beach. The ambience is tranquil except on the Sundays when crowds of local people as well as the tourists flock at the beach. The beach also has seafood stalls around it where you can get fresh fishes and other tasty seafood. There are ample of options for entertaining yourself at the beach. Also, you can visit the other nearby beaches.

The Glagah Beach is also the venue where the local fishermen gather to present ceremonial offering to the sea. They do so to propitiate God and also express their gratitude for their good luck at sea. This takes place in every Suryo Month that is the first month of the local calendar. The festival is known as Labuhan.

There are lots of things to see after you finish exploring the Glagah Beach. The Kiskendo cave is one among the many caves found in the Kulonprogo regency. The cave is almost 700 meters above the sea level. Also you can explore the various other parts of the beautiful Menoreh Mountain. There is also the Sendangsono that is on the slope of the Menoreh Mountain range. This word means, “Spring under a sono tree” and the place is an important religious destination for the Catholics. The pilgrimage takes place usually in the months of May and October.


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