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The Future of Teacher

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By: Fiesta Joantika

In the fact, many arguments about teacher and the future. As we know teacher is hero for many people, because a job as teacher is very noble. The teacher always helps the student if the students feel difficult and confuse.  Many people always proud and respect with the teacher, because if we without teacher, we can’t be success people because their give the student education and knowledge.

Future of teacher is much guaranteed because there have salary that make their life become to successes in the future.  The teacher must be a good teacher that knows about globalization era. They must know new technology, such as computer program, laptop and projector. And teacher must know how to use a new technology and the teacher must have good communication with their students.

The future of the teacher must be guaranteed by government, because teacher can help quality of education become to better and the teachers make their student become clever and success student. The government must support the teacher at the level of education .The appearance are governments must improving the teacher quality in the future. The future of teacher education system that can produce teachers who (potentially) professional teacher education system is held by institutions of higher education special education teacher with the selected candidate, qualified lecturers, the availability of adequate information technology, and productive management.

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