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The phenomenal band in Indonesia

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In modern era, music is famous thing that have many arguments about it. Many people like music and they always listend music in everywhere and every time. For example in Indonesia, there is many genre of music, such as pop, rock, jazz, blues, R n B, hiphop and etc. Music is an art that formed by sound and lyric. Beside that music have a meaning and message in the inside. Music always can make our feel relax and music can be teraphy system.

In the other hand, the quaity of music in Indonesia not inferior with the standard music abroad. Indonesian have many musician that have high quality, likes Ungu band, Slank, Peterpan, and etc. The first phenomenal band is Peterpan with pop genre and have name’s fans “Sahabat Peterpan”. Peterpan make the first album with title “ Bintang di Surga”  in 2004, this is top selling album in the Indonesian history. This album sold up to 3 milion chip and then Peterpan got awarded “ Platinum Berkembar Enam”. Peterpan personnel is Ariel(vocalist), Uki(guitars), Lukman(guitar), and Reza(Drummer). Peterpan is one of band that succesed in competete in industry Indonesian music, but not easy to keep reputation in Indonesia. Peterpan as entertainer with good achivement must be confront from bad gossip from society. After they know the album is sold out, Peterpan were launch two single, with the title Ku Katakan dengan Indah and Bintang di Surga. Peterpan have problem when Indra and decided to exit, because they have different mission and  vission.

Besides Peterpan there is Slank in the second sequence. Slank is phenomenal band number two after Peterpan. Slank is no less good from peterpan  because Slank also have many fans and the names is “Slankers”. Slank have music that liked by the society. The lyric from the song sometimes offend the goverment and very liked by society. The first album that make slank famous is “Suit…Suit He…He(Gadis Sexy)”. This is become favorite album from Slank and got recognition from the other musicians such as Iman(J-Rocks). But Slank almost same with Peterpan, Slank occur disnuty within the band. In February 1996, Bimbim(Drummer) and Kaka(Vocalist) was decided to fire three personnel, they are Bongky, Pay and Indra because there is many problem in the band, and could be said that Bimbim and Kaka drug users. But Slank with two personnel Bimbim and Kaka keep working to next album. And then, Reynold and Ivanka to fill the guitar position,but Slank have new problem, Reynold decided to exit from Slank because he not stand with Bimbim and Kaka as drug users. The last formation, Abdee, Ridho, Ivanka was entry . Bimbim and Kaka decided to stop used drug, because many fans imitate their, their decide to rehabilitation and clearly from drugs.

The third sequene is Ungu. Ungu band also become to the phenomenal band in Indonesia. The personnel of the Ungu band is Pasha(vocalist), Makki(bassist), Enda(guitarist), Oncy(guitarist), Rowman(drummer). Ungu have fans with the name’s Ungu Cliquers. The first album in 2000 is “Laguku” . This album got awarded “ Double Platinum” two years after album was relased. Ungu is one of band that have many fans, because Ungu has handsome vocalist that has a good voice. All abum that made by Ungu sold in society. Ungu is very enthused because the lyric in every song is easy to remember and singing. Ungu also made a realigy album that is Surgamu, Para Pencari Mu, Aku dan Tuhanku, and the last is Maha Besar. This album also interested for Ungu Cliquers. Not only interested for ungu cliquers, but for ex-vice precident give Ungu band achivement “ Inspiring”, realigy album with title SurgaMu sold until 150 thausand chip. Moreover, Ungu also made a biography that sponsored by A Mild live Production. The book name’s “ A Mild Live Ungu Book Megazine” and Be printed many as 40 thousand copies. The book of Ungu consist of biography from Ungu personnels, Ungu discography, Ungu photos, and even chord Ungu songs.  Ungu also involved in the making of the film soundtrack album of Coklat-Strawberry movie.

In conclusion, we are know that music have many advantages and disadvantages in our life, but we must give the musician like Peterpan, Slank and Ungu big awarded for all the creativity. So, other band can learn from Peterpan and Slank,try to improve the quality of music, and music in Indonesian can compete with music in other country because Indonesian music not inferior to foreign music.


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