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Recently, there is many new technology in our country. For example ipad, do you know ipad? Ipad is new gadget that launched by Apple that have main function is as an e-Book Reader. With I-pad we can freely read e-books anywhere and anytime. Apart from being an e-Book reader, IPAD can also function as where like a tablet PC, we also can listen music, watch movies, use internet access, such as face book, twitter and surf activities in cyberspace. Ipad have many application in there. This application is very helpful at all for business or personal friend. Here are 10 best applications for I-pad Year 2010.
1. Water Sharing HD
If a friend has I-pad and there’s no USB connection or the other. This application may be an option because with this application companions can exchange data without using the USB but simply by using wifi.
2. Skype
This application allows one to speak or call for free. And with this there can use Skype video call which can smoothen business friend.
3. WebEx
With this application meeting with a friend can do co-workers or subordinates friends wherever located. So do not worry if a friend outside of town and need to coordinate on the spot. Just run this application and call colleagues or subordinates to conduct a joint meeting.
4. Drop box
Applications are distributed free of charge and run in I-pad .This is an online storage where the data is a time to be reviewed and used wherever you are
5. Desktop Connect
Connect is a desktop application that can connect I-pad with Desktop Companion who was at home despite the great distance. So do not worry if you want to access data at home while the friend was out of town, just use this application.
6. I-Work for I-pad
i-Work offers word processing or spreadsheets. If confused the application as a keyboard that is able to sustain for Ms.Word or excel.
7. Dragon Dictation
This application allows using voice to control i-pad. Not only that there are many more features available in this application.
8. Google Mobile
With this mobile Google you will more easily than ever before in the internet and use Google.
9. Tweet Deck
This application allows you to access the twitter account with ease.
10. FTP on The Go Pro
This application is specifically for those who like to manage the website. with FTP On The Go Pro is going to be easier to manage your website.

So what advantages Ipad? Here are some advantages of IPAD:
-Views are attractive, with the 9.7-inch screen LED, IPAD can be carried anywhere.

-Battery life is long enough, IPAD able to survive for 10 hours and even more when used for browsing and other activities

-If you love Face book, Twitter, Maps, YouTube, iTunes, Mail and Safari, the IPAD could be something interesting for you to have.

Moreove have advantages, ipad also have some disadvantages, and this is the disadvantages from ipad :

– No Real Multi tasking, we are not free to run many applications simultaneously, it was hell we can access up to listen to music but if you want to run a twitter, face book, listen to Skype, then you should start it one by one, do the same.

-Not Support Flash. Flash that beautiful view that we can see a laptop or a regular net book when we access face book or other blogs, cannot we enjoy in the ipad.

-No cameras, this is a very unfortunate try if I-Pad has a camera, of course we can have a conversation on Skype with more fun.

So, if you want a new technlogy, choose ipad so your target, because I-pad has many facilities that can support your daily activities.

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