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  1. My opinion about blogging
    Blogging is an interesting and very useful thing for us. I can add more insight by reading blogs or blogging. Blogging is a very useful activity, such as by conveying opinions and ideas that will be shared with the community. It can make the information to everyone. In addition to conveying ideas or opinions, we can also write a complaint directly, it is useful to convey the right of everyone in conveying they complain. Content from blogs can be free, because blogs are a place to share anything, like by telling everyday habits or even being a motivational role for others, all can be shared indefinitely.

Services that exist in good and detail, we can edit each post easily, such as themes or templates can we download easily. There are also paid templates, and can be as creative as possible to entice other readers.
In addition there is also word press, that’s much or plugins that can be used to design a blog more interesting. With word press we can create features in each article. Make the sites according to the theme that we will write and it makes word press more and more benefits.

My experience when creating a blog is initially confusing, but when trying to feature on the blog. In addition, the beginning of blog writing is still confused in determining the topic, because one of the interesting in the blog is a topic for everyone interested to read it. The language used should also be polite and easily understood by the reader, in addition to the design used in the blog should be comfortable and beautiful to read. So far the difficulty that I experienced in using the blog is to make the blog look all the posts that I write according to the theme.

In addition to blogs, there is also word press, start applying word press quite difficult than blogs. The difficulty is I am confused in removing the topic I wrote. I once mistakenly deleted my account to my blog and could not open again, and I had to create a new account. But word press is very useful because on word press many plugin applications that I can use. This is very interesting and become a tau to publish articles with a design that attracts the reader. This is my link to my bloggers’ blog


  1. I agree with teaching and learning the language with blogs in my opinion is very effective, and can increase student interest. Because the blog is not only in the form of writing but can video, pictures and even music. In the blog there is always a comment column that can be used to issue opinions. Through blogs, information obtained can be directly addressed or corrected by others, it can develop students’ accuracy in reading. In addition, the teaching using blogs is quite interesting and can increase the creativity of students and train the social interaction of students.
  2. If I use a blog for teaching
    the way of teaching is by giving students the freedom of expelling their aspirations in writing, and giving them the opportunity to be creative. Every meeting that uses blogs as a learning medium always advises students to discuss and exclude their opinions in the comments field. I can use the blog as the delivery of materials and tasks up to date. And the material can be published, so anyone can access the material. Teachers and students can interact directly through blogs, and make it easier for students to discuss or ask questions openly with the teacher. This will make students more accustomed to reading and writing. Always telling students before any share is assured the blog is still in the key or someone else has not been able to access it before the blog is true.
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