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Padlets are applications that can help students and teachers learn with the media. Padlet is a good medium, and many options can be utilized for media delivery of learning materials. In making padlet yesterday I use wall to convey material about narrative text.
I chose the wall because the material can be plastered freely on the wall tewrsebut. and make it easier for people to read easily. In addition, people can freely comment on every column contained in the wall of the padlet.
the things i like padlet is the background has many fun theme options. In addition to themes, the padlet also has a variety of symbolize very funny. That will make the padlet more interesting to read.
Maybe, the things i dont like padlet is to make a padlet must use internet connection. And if we accidentally delete data that has been written in the padlet, the data will be directly stored and can not be restored.


Activities that can be created in learning and teaching using padlets. The type of activity I use is by using text procedure material.
because in addition to using text can include pictures and video tutorial.

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