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Assalamualaikum wr.wb  Based on my experience using kahoot together with my group, my partner is bonita saputri. I like collaborate together with her. I think kahoot is not dificult, It’s so funny and we dont boring with kahoot app that has many features in it. The kahoot I’ve created with my group titles is narrative text.

Things that i like from kahoot- is simple also for me as the beginner i didn’t have any problem or difficulty while using it, it means the interface is very easy and friendly for the people who just new in that site which is very helpful and comfortable to use. The feature i like when using kahoot is quiz, because it looks more complete and fun.In the quiz students can get rewards after they answer the questions correctly and quickly.

The thing i don’t like – so far kahoot is still my favorite app in learning. Maybe a factor I do not like just because kahoot can be used if there is internet only.

The challenges – the challenges making kahoot is, we need more prepare the materials before entering the quiz. Because if the problem is not clear, it will make the student difficult to answer questions. We should also examine the appropriate timer to answer the kahoot questions, so that the questions can be answered in a timely manner.

My activity while using kahoot, I use kahoot when students feel boring with the classroom activity. They will be interested in playing kahoot. They will all be grabbing rewards in the questions they have answered. It makes them eager to answer the right questions.

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