Google Chrome 2021 Will Block Unsafe FIle Downloads

Google Chrome 2021 Will Block Unsafe FIle Downloads –  Google Chrome 2021 is one of the best browsers out there. It’s very fast and minimalist, but still packed with advanced features. It’s also, in a certain way, its own operating system, with the Web Store that allows you to run complete software that not long ago will require a separate and uncomfortable installation.

Thousands of extensions improve Chrome’s functionality in many ways. The synchronization feature is also very convenient. Chrome still has problems with memory leaks, consuming a lot of RAM even with just a few tabs open, but this is a small problem compared to how much better than the competition.

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When browsing the Internet in a browser, there are sometimes ads where the appearance slows down browser performance as it seized too many resources. Google as an internet giant whose revenue comes from advertising is likely to realize that this kind of advertisement could interfere with the user. Previously, Google Chrome mentioned that it would start getting rid of annoying ads and blocking content. That move was taken in line with Google’s joining the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that strives to make the browsing experience more comfortable for Internet users. It’s how to show web ads according to standards.

Google calls ads that are greedy resources as “heavy ads ” ad aliases “Weight “. The criteria, an ad called “weight ” When consuming network traffic by 4 MB or CPU time for 60 second. Later, if the user opens a site and there is an ad that goes into that criterion, then Chrome will automatically block it, When blocked, it will appear a message “Ad removed ” with the button “Details “. When this button is click, it will appear the caption reads “This ad uses too much resources on your device, so Chrome is blocking it.

Not this time Google tested the Ad Blocker feature. Some time ago, Google was also rumored to be launching an integrated ad Blocker feature within Chrome. Its function is to block 12 types of ads that are intrusive alias annoying, either on the PC version of Chrome or smartphone.

The feature was mentioned to be launched next month. Chrome’s ad blocker feature will eliminate all ads on your site, but will only filter them according to those standards. For webmasters who display advertisements on the site, they can use the Ad Experience Report tool to see if their ads are compliant with the predefined standards.

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