How To Block Annoying Notifications In Google Chrome

How To Block Annoying Notifications In Google Chrome – Google Chrome is probably the most popular browser at the moment. But it cannot be denied this browser is very annoying because of the notification. If you’re a Chrome user, you’re certainly familiar with notifications that ask to turn on notifications, or to request location access. When we surf the internet, there are times when we open a website page, then it appears an option to activate the notification.

There, we were given the choice to be able to or even memblock. If we are able to, then every notification from the website, the browser will display to us. The notification will continue to appear, even if we are not opening or activating the browser. Some websites are actually quite thoughtful by giving users the option to activate or not. However, many do not confirm, know-how notifications appear on our devices. A Website like this that eventually raises a feeling of disrupted users. If the notifications are rated annoying, Chrome actually provides the option to disable these notifications from interfering with our activities when not opening the browser.

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This fairly intrusive Popup is always annoying because this notification will appear in each we open page in Chrome. If you’ve been tired of always clicking ‘ next time ‘ or ‘ no ‘ each of these notifications appears, here’s how to membklokir this annoying notification in Chrome. This can be started by accessing the setting options in your Chrome browser. In the way, go to the top right corner, next to your photo, there are three vertical black dots. Click the icon. If it is, Access Settings.

1. Find the Menu “Advanced “

If you’re already in the Settings menu, find the Advanced menu. This menu is at the bottom of the Settings menu. Located in the middle and not go into any tab.

If it is, click the menu.

2. Select Site Settings

From the Advanced menu, go directly to the “Site Settings” menu located in the tab almost below, above the option “Privacy and Security. “

Enter the menu.

3. Find the button “Notifications “

When you are logged in the Site Settings menu, find the tab “Notifications “, then click it.  This is the first thing you see, a menu ASK Before sending, then you turn off this button. Then the text will change to “Blocked.” With this, the notification will no longer appear.

Even though turning on notifications is Google’s recommendation, if we are a compromised user, we have the freedom to turn them off without any impact. By setting up any website that can and should not pop up notifications on your browser, it will be very influential at your convenience when Internet.

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