How To Remove ADS FOR Android Smartphone

How To Remove ADS FOR Android Smartphone – Browsing Surfing the Internet is indeed one of the favorite activities that we do with smartphones. Unfortunately, this activity is often interrupted with a variety of ads that frequently appear. Annoying ads on Android phones are irritated, even sometimes it often brings Malware. Many people are looking to get rid of annoying ads on their Android phones. In addition to making it uncomfortable, the presence of pop up ads that often appear suddenly also indicates that your smartphone is infected with malware.

The traits of malware affected smartphones include pop-up ads, the frequently changing Google Chrome homepage, the unwanted Google Chrome extension reappears, and the emergence of warnings about viruses. Malware is a program that is deliberately created to damage, duplicate, steal, delete, hide, or modify data. Not only that, sometimes malware often consumes data packets and battery power. Thus, malware viruses can cause Android devices to often have problems, nge-hangs, and so on. How to remove ads on Android HP without Root

-How to remove ads on HP using AdClear

The first way is to use the help of an app called AdClear. AdClear is an app that has a feature to block ads while you’re browsing or using other apps that could potentially be simulated ads. You can directly download the app for free on the Play store. Once you’ve made sure that it’s installed on your Android smartphone, you can go directly to the app and turn on the feature to block ads.

-How to remove ads on HP with Google Chrome settings

First open the Google Chrome app and click the three vertical dots that are on the top right and then select the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Site Settings option and click the Pop-ups and redirects option. Click the existing toggle to grey and block the pop-up ads.

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You can also block ads on specific sites by clicking on the Ads option that is under the Pop-ups adnd redirects option. Then Kik toggle existing until grayed out and the ad is blocked. In addition you can also remove unwanted notifications from certain sites. Still in the Site Settings menu, look for the Notifications option. Then click the existing toggle until it grayed out and there is a caption Blocked.

-How to remove ads on Hp Android with AdBlock Browser

If you’re not a Chrome user and don’t want to worry about it settings, then the best option for you is to use the Adblock Browser app. This app has been designed for browsing without ads. No need to make settings, just install this app in Play store and browsing through Adblock Browser, then annoying ads will disappear.

With this application, your browsing process will be smooth without annoying pop-up advertisements, and will not be exposed to advertisements that make you irritated. You can download the Adblock Browser app on Google PlayStore, free of charge.

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