How to redden lips naturally

5 January 2019

There are a lot of natural herbs or traditional ways that are around us to get the red color on the lips naturally and without side effects.

  1. Lime Enriched with vitamin C, this fruit will help remove dead skin cells so that the lip skin will regenerate well. This will make your lips naturally flush red. Lime can also be a solution as a way of naturally reducing smoker’s lips.
  2. Lemon Just like lemon, lemon can also remove dark colors on the lips so that the red color of the lips will appear naturally.
  3. Honey The content of glucose and fructose in honey will stimulate the epidermis to make new collagen. Thus the red color of the lips can be hooked and make it appear. Mix honey with sugar and rub it on the lips so that the dead skin is lifted.
  4. Turmeric How to naturally redden the lips with turmeric is the fourth way you can try. Not only treating disease, turmeric is also useful for reducing the lips. The trick is: Fine mash 2 turmeric finger segments, then apply to the lips Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water .
  5. Milk The way to naturally redden lips without lipstick is to use milk. Lactic acid in milk is effective for brightening your lips. Applying pure milk to your lips for 15 minutes can be useful for removing dead skin cells.
  6. Olive oil Olive oil contains vitamin E and vitamin K which can redden lips naturally. Simply brush your lips with olive oil every day.
  7. Almond oil The emollient properties in almond oil provide the ability to rejuvenate and soften the skin of the lips so that the color of the lips that were dull can blush. Brush lips with almond oil every day.





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