Natural face mask

5 January 2019

* Tomato Mask

Mask made from fresh tomatoes contains lots of vitamin., including vitamin B9 to get ridz of acne , vitamin A combats dryness on the skin , vitamin K removes excessive pigmentation , vitamin H and zinc help regenerate skin cells , potassium to moisturize , calcium to soften facialĀ  skin , and choline which fuctions to rejuvenate and soothe your skin .

Here is how to make tomato mask

Squzee one tomato . Combain with 2 table spoon of baking soda , then apply to your face . Let stand for 10 minutes or until it dries and rinse your face with warm water .



*Potatoes and wheat flour

To get glowing skin, mix wheat flour and potato juice, squezee and take the jus. Wheat flour will exfoliate rough the skin , while potato juice will lift blackheads make skin glow .

Here is how to make Potatoes and wheat flour mask

Peel and clean potato , then blender to make juice , squezee and take the juice . Mix potato juice and 6 teaspoons of wheat flour. Message gently into facial skin . Let the mask dry then rinse with water .


*Orange Mask

Orange are rich of anti-oxidants and the following vitamin C is lemon. Not only that ,in lemons also contain alpha hydroxy acids which can counteract free radicals that are present in the skin .

Here is how to make orange mask

Apply lemon juice to your face, let stand for 15 minutes rinse with warm water , then your face immediatly becomes fresh and blushes with lemon .


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