7 December 2017
  1. I like to create blog and write about my daily life on my post and let everyone’s read it. in University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, I learned how to create 2 different blog, first is and the second is blog UMY at wordpress. Both of them has different display and theme. from my experiences, the display from blogger is more interesting, because we can customize it  based on our favorite colour and theme. Different from UMY’s blog, the theme in UMY’s blog is limited. what I like in is we can customize it and we can change the picture, also already known to many people so make us easy to invite the readers and I have not found what I do not like from and the things that I like from UMY’s blog is we can connect with other student from another faculty and majors. the thing that I don’t like from UMY’s blog is really difficult to customize and difficult to understand
  3. I think its a great idea to use UMY’s blog for teaching and learning. because our lessons can be read by other majors and otherwise, so can add to our knowledge.
  4. the material that will be taught by the lecturer can be directly written on the blog so it makes it easy for us to read it and we can write the essay task on our blog.

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