The Story of Nawang Wulan and Jaka Tarub

2 December 2019

The Story of Nawang Wulan and Jaka Tarub

The Story of Nawang Wulan and Jaka Tarub

Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub lives alone in a house on the edge of the forest. Every day, he spends his time fishing.

The fishing proceeds were sold to meet the needs of his life and his mother.

“Ah, I’d better fish in a river in the forest. Surely there will be more fish because no one wants to fish there,” Jaka Tarub said.

Jaka Tarub went straight to the forest. the forest is very quiet. There are only animals there.

Without wasting time, Jaka Tarub immediately threw the hook. Suddenly, Jaka Tarub was shocked by the seven colors curved in the sky. The colors landed at the end of the river where he fished. Out of curiosity, Jaka Tarub chased the seven colors.

“What color is that? Very beautiful.” clicked Jaka Tarub, feeling amazed.

How surprised Jaka Tarub. At the end of the seven colors, there are seven beautiful women who are playing water in the river. Their aroma is very fragrant.

Nawang Wulan and Jaka Tarub

Yes! They are seven angels from heaven. Jaka Tarub also watched the seven angels from the bushes so they would not see them.

“How beautiful they are. If I could marry one of them,” murmured Jaka Tarub.

Gosh! Jaka Tarub has an idea. Slowly, Jaka Tarub approached the river. He took one of the angel’s scarves. Then, he kept the scarf in his batik shirt.

The day is getting late. It seems the angels are tired of playing water.

“It’s afternoon, my sister. We must return to heaven,” said the oldest angel.

They were preparing to fly again to heaven. However, one angel looked confused. She is looking for something.

“My shawl is lost, my sister. I would not be able to return to heaven without my shawl. That shawl can make us fly,” said the angel who lost her shawl. She looked panicked.

“We can’t wait here. Surely Father is looking for us,” said another angel.

Finally, the six angels left the angel who was left alone.

The angel is now alone. She looks very sad. Jaka Tarub approached the angel.
“O, girl. What is your name? Why are you sad?” asked Jaka Tarub.

“My name is Nawang Wulan. I am sad because I cannot return to my home in heaven,” answered Nawang Wulan.

“Are you an angel?” asked Jaka Tarub again.

Nawang Wulan nodded. Jaka Tarub also invited Nawang Wulan to his house. Not knowing where else to stay, Nawang Wulan accepted Jaka Tarub’s invitation.

And finally, Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan are married and lived together. They live happily. Jaka Tarub works in the fields, while Nawang Wulan takes care of the house.

Many years of family life, there is one thing that makes Jaka Tarub feel surprised. Rice in the barn never runs out. In fact, everyday rice is cooked.

One morning, when Jaka Tarub was about to go to work, he asked Nawang Wulan.
“My wife, I’m surprised. Why do we always have so much rice in our rice fields? In fact, every day we cook it,” Jaka Tarub asked.

Nawang Wulan did not answer. She just smiled. Of course, Jaka Tarub became increasingly curious.

One sunny morning, Nawang Wulan was about to go to the river.

“I want to wash my clothes. Never open the hood of my cooking,” Nawang Wulan ordered Jaka Tarub.

But, Jaka Tarub just became curious. As soon as Nawang Wulan went to the river, he secretly opened the hood of his wife’s cooking, Jaka Tarub was surprised. There is only a handful of rice in it. No wonder the rice in the barn will never run out.

Not long after, Nawang Wulan returned. She hurried to see the rice that she cooked. Nawang Wulan was no less surprised because a handful of cooked rice was still in the same shape. She also asked that to Jaka Tarub.

“Yes, I saw it. I’m sorry, for not listening to your orders,” said Jaka Tarub.

Nawang Wulan can’t do anything. Now, he has to work harder because the power of his angel has disappeared. Thanks to his strength, a handful of rice can become a lot of rice and rice in the barn never runs out.

Months passed. Now, the rice in the granary runs out very quickly. When Nawang Wulan takes rice to be cooked, she touches something at the bottom of the barn. How surprised Nawang Wulan to find that what she had taken from the bottom of the barn was a shawl.

“Isn’t this my scarf?” said Nawang Wulan while touching the shawl.

Right, that is the shawl. At the same time, Jaka Tarub came. Seeing that Nawang Wulan had found her shawl, Jaka Tarub apologized to Nawang Wulan.

But, Nawang Wulan no longer believes in Jaka Tarub.
Nawang Wulan put on her shawl, then returned to heaven.

While Jaka Tarub can only regret. Now, Jaka Tarub returns to live alone.

Nawang Wulan left Jaka Tarub Alone


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