Movie Plot Resume: JUNO

Juno is a movie about a 16 years old girl named Juno. Yes, the movie is named after the main character. She’s accidentally pregnant with her boyfriend, Fleeker. She told her bestfriend about what happened, and as she’s not ready for having a baby, she then thought for an abortion. Next day she visits the Women Now (the abortion clinic, i guess) with a girl from her school mate protesting about abortion outside the clinic and reminds her that the baby probably already has fingernails, then she changes her mind about having an abortion. Juno then goes straight to home and tell her dad and her stepmom about what happened and that she has decided to keep the baby and give it up for an adoption to whom in need. With the help of her bestfriend, Juno found a perfect couple who really wants of having kids but unable to have kids by their own, named Mark and Vanessa. Juno’s dad goes with her to meet Mark and Vanessa and also the lawyer about something to do of the adoption. Juno really likes them, especially Mark who has a lot of things in common such as horror movies and music. That was all happen in autumn.

As the movie progress through the seasons, when it comes to winter and springs and the baby bump clearly shown form Juno’s belly there are some complicated issues. Juno and her boyfriend Fleeker are not together anymore when she decides to have a visit on Mark and Vanessa’s house to shows them about the first ultrasound picture of the baby but turns out Vanessa isnt at home at that time. By then, Juno and Marks keep hang out together without Vanessa and they’re seems to have intense in relationship. Late into the pregnancy, Juno finds out that Bleeker taking another girl to prom and Juno seems unhappy about it. Since she’s upset and need to have some male attention, she goes to Mark house while Vanessa’s not at home again. As they become so close, Mark tells Juno that he isnt ready become a dad and that he’s not love Vannesa anymore. That makes Juno confused about the condition of the baby might have at the future by those family. Then she runs back home and asks her father about relationship and marriage life. This inspires Juno to leave a note on Vanessa’s doorstep telling her that if she’s still interested in giving her her child for adoption, with or without Mark. Turns out that also makes Juno realized that Bleeker was the only one who can accept Juno with all her flaws, she then meet Bleeker and confess that she loves him and Bleeker also has the same feeling.

The next day, Juno realized that the water is broke and about having a labor by then. With all the families, Juno goes to hospital and having a baby boy while Bleeker is winning his running competition at school. Bleeker then realized that Juno wasnt around so he runs staright to hospital because he has a feeling about Juno having a labor. As he arrived at hospital and meet Juno, they lays together happily in bed while Vanessa come to see her baby boy and having a chance to hold him herself happily as a mother. Vanessa and her baby boy, both are live happily at their home, even her husband left her after all.

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