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Cell Phone for Children

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At the time in this era of globalization has become the need of new phones. Even be said to have become a mandatory requirement and necessity. Many people now have cell phones easily among children, adolescents, and parents. Funny because the current price is also more affordable, and make many parents are giving cell phones to their children, even those still in kindergarten or elementary school though. Most of them argue that the provision of mobile phones is to facilitate of communication with the not only children but also as a child needs to communicate with his friends, but, the parents should have to consider the positive and negative aspects of these phones, and parents should control and supervise the children and adolescents who are still minors, so as not to open those sites that is not in accordance with age, such as the open internet.

The phone has many uses including, in social terms we can multiply our friends from the mobile phone, Can share the news with our close friends and relatives who are abroad and at home, without having to wait for too long. From terms of education we can find out by phone science lessons, news, dictionary, articles, and so forth, by way of internet access via mobile phone.

In my opinion, I do not agree if the children whom still in under age or still in elementary school, was given the phone by her parent, because many of its negative impact. and because of cell phones, children learn to be lazy and often spend more time on-sites that are entertain like playing games on mobile phones, compared to repeat the lessons in school activities, Other than that the phone also can damage the morale of the children if the parents can not monitor what their children are doing on the outside with the same friends and children easily acquire the site adult who was supposed to they should not know, a pornographic website.

So it can be in conclude that cell phones are not always bad but also not always good, as a parent to prevent these unwanted things necessary, control, protection and supervision when the child freely on the internet.

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