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Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. This sport is popular whole ages ranging from children to adults. In addition, this exercise did not look at gender, men and women love this sport. Without us knowing it, the game soccer has important values in it. Values that we can take, such as; social value, legal value and the value of psychological.

First, this essay will explain about social value. In football there are also values associated with the group or sort of social value. To produce a goal, each individual must have the ability to cooperate is high. Not only that, the keeper can keep his goal to not concede a goal of cooperation is also needed because it cannot just rely on the keeper. The function of the players in the defender is certainly very necessary in this case. Certainly, it is not easy to establish good cooperation and solid in a “war” to steal the ball because the game of football the players in the position of one field with another team. This is supposing with (Horsky, 1986) explains that “football is a game of two teams each trying to finish the game with a victory. The team is trying to gain profit by the ball entering the opponent’s goal while another team trying to survive one of the opponent’s attack. Therefore, every individual who already has a very specific positions are required to have high ability in working together as a team. It is not an easy thing because they have to build up cooperation in the patch tight opposing players. This is where the individual values related to intellectual qualities are also needed. Tactics and strategies to build an attack in groups that require intellectual abilities. According to (Combs, 1976) cooperative behavior (cooperation) is a movement performed by a person who produces something harmonious cooperation between group members is determined by the presence of a lot of interest among members of the group. In line (Pareek, 1984) add an understanding of cooperation as an activity some people work to achieve a goal that is considered to be indivisible. Thus, it is illustrates that cooperation cannot be separated from the help of a team that is available to participate and share the workload.

Second, this essay will explain about the legal value. This value is also important in the sport football. This sport involves a lot of people are divided into two groups and both are not limited by anything like the game of volleyball. The absence of demarcation between the two football teams that were playing it would be prone to irritation due to physical contact and even resulted in injury. For that, it is necessary rules to play very tight in the field. There are rules relating to technical, which relates to “get along” its football, such as offside, hands ball, and a violation in the penalty area or on the outside, the ball out, extra time, extra times, and penalties. There are also rules relating to outside technical violations, such as physical fights between players, whether intentionally or unintentionally. There are also sanctions regulations. The sanctions for violating those rules there is a penalty kick, free kick, corner kick, or giving yellow cards and red cards. Well, the rules that run during the game were controlled by a judge who called the referee on duty regulating and supervising the matches that are within the field. The referee is assisted by a linesman who served in the left-right side of the field. In general, the football match and classy quality, such as the League-European League, Champions Cup, European Championship or World Cup. The lessons we can take is we have to be disciplined in running activities. It aims for sustainability in our daily lives. Then, Honesty and virtue are always associated with the impression reliable and trustworthy always associated with the impression not lie, cheat or deceive. This is manifested in acts and words. All parties believe that the referee can be risking its integrity by making a fair decision. He trusted him decision reflects honesty.

Third in the football game, there is also psychological value in football. In this case spirit to struggle victory of team. In addition, there is also the value of sportsmanship. Simple sportive implementation is when there is no such thing as competing argument to fist fights even though this sport involves direct contact between players from both teams who competed, other terms are fair play. Football can also build the emotional bond between a team and country with the fans that support it. Even, to cause excessive fanaticism. This emotional bond was up across the country, such as the Indonesian people who love the team of a club or another country. Well, if the championship is like a world cup final like that just ended yesterday, the value of nationalism is also contained in it. Each country’s soccer team will struggle to defend the flag and national anthem of each are brought to the soccer field. Taken from (site, 2010) according to Ghazali (1998), the view that any clubs, that are favorites of each group is the most powerful supporters actually perfectly natural and is something that was supposed to. For each group of supporters are need certainty about the reputation of being offered by the club that he favorites. If fanaticism factors associated with the theory of Maslow (1988) regarding the hierarchy of human needs, hence the reason a person chooses to be supporters of the football club is to fulfill the needs of the third level, which is like to have-owned and love. They are eager for fans to interact in a container opening opportunities to foster friendships, gain recognition, a sense of group identification and have something common goal. Even in some individuals has been expanded to meet the needs of four levels, namely the need to respect, a sense of pride because it has expertise, achievements and prestige and the fulfillment of the fifth level of Maslow’s pyramid, namely the need for self-actualization. If Maslow’s theory combined with the theory of Miller and Sjoberg (1973) concerning human lifestyle that includes work, entertainment and human relationships, then the group of supporters is the embodiment of the two types of entertainment. If the first level such as watching television, which is passive, then the second level of entertainment is a recreation, revitalizing or regeneration yourself. So, the above is the psychological effect of watching every football match.

From the above explanation we can conclude that, the game of football can give moral values for us. The values that we should get well we must choose those values.


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