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Trademark is the name, meaning, signal, symbol. The symbol, design, color, motion or combination of other desired product attributes can give identity and differentiation to competitors’ products. In essence a brand is a seller’s promise to stably convey a specific set of features, benefits and services to multiple consumers. Good brands convey additional collateral in the form of quality collateral. The brand itself is used in several directions, namely:

As an identity, which is useful in differentiating or comparing one company’s products with those of its rival companies. This will make it easier for customers to know when to shop and when to make repeat purchases. Trademark indonesia is very important. If you want trademark indonesia , please contact us.

  • Promotional tools, namely as the product’s magnetic power.
  • To foster an image, namely by giving trust, quality collateral, and specific prestige to the customer.
  • To regulate the market.

8 steps to make trademark Indonesia, you become a legend in the online world

Understanding trademark Indonesia and 8 steps to make your brand a legend in the online world

Every businessman wants his brand to be famous by several people. The legendary life cycle stories of big brands even continue to contain textbooks reviewed by students, academics, and several business activists around the world. Here are eight steps that Scott Steinberg said to make your brand’s story a legend in the online world, as quoted by Mashable.

1. Stand on top of the problem and market a solution

Build the integrity of your brand by showing how your product can handle customer needs in an innovative, innovative and efficient way. Videos that broadcast customer references regarding the advantages of your product can give someone confidence that your brand is a quality brand.

2. Bring your viewers behind the monitors

When broadcasting your product online, you might consider broadcasting the stories of some of the people who have made your company successful. Candid broadcasts or real stories of employees while working at the company can be a magnet for customers. At work, employee comedy at lunchtime, or the professional skills they gain on the job are examples that can be used.

3. Act as an “insider” in your industry

Believe it or not, the brand is deeply affiliated with your character. Therefore, let’s say your brand is the most important person in your sector. As an example, you can facilitate employees to create a website about rumors related to your industry. Besides, you can broadcast research results, articles, or visual assets regarding your brand.

4. Use unique steps to tell who your brand is

Saying mistakes doesn’t always end badly. For example, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is not “ashamed” to tell how his worldwide site started with anger at his girlfriend. Don’t be afraid to say lots of individual things because it can make your customers have an emotional bond with your brand.

5. Create interactive solutions

A unique and interactive approach can increase customer engagement with your brand. Creating programs, video games, video sharing, surveys, and quizzes are ways you can think of.

6. Discuss Your Brand’s Future Period

Bring in customers to help guide your brand’s tomorrow. It’s meaningless if you have to give your all to the customer. Listen to the audience’s opinions and inspirations and use this to outline your tactics up front.

7. Appreciate the commune and some of your heroes

Like an individual’s life, a business has several people providing support for its journey. Not only commissioners as well as several directors, customers as well as some fans need to be appreciated for their contribution in growing your brand.

8. Discuss themes that are close to your heart

Use something that inspires you to become your brand positioning. TOMS is an example in this. This shoe company donates a pair of shoes to a child who needs it for each pair of shoes sold. The vision of philanthropy becomes a corporate value that not only drives employee performance, but invites customers who have similar knowledge.

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Andhika Gilang Saputra

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