Human as Good Action not Determinant ( Non-fiction)

Times has changed people to be adult as time going on. We as human specifically as Muslim must always takes part for this long journey life before facing the afterlife definitely and can not to leave this each parts. Allah has written His wants for the creatures certainly human like me. Ones surely have some wishes that every hope can be achieved however it is just our many plans which we want get all of our eagerness accordingly. Dreaming to have great expectation is the main goals somehow it’s just about getting unbelievable education, out of the ordinary marriage, deluxe resting place, guaranteed position, and so on. I, just one of His creatures who is made by ground as good as a human, wants to give many short past time event that I had through with various feelings.

Even if it sounds like a bit ordinary, but I am always with the exceptional expectancy heart to share all of these. I do not know where it must be started. As I recalled, at the beginning of a hope when attending the graduation one of a big and large university in Yogyakarta, it is my sibling’s best moment when he had finished his responsibility becoming the bachelor, I got the power of whisper suddenly to have to take a part at there as a college student. It just my feeling that I had got after attending his moment. It happened in 2015 year when I still at ten class on November, I was getting a little forget in the date. Without thinking I directly have made decision that I must be a college there whether it will hear be difficult achieving or not, I just want that dream could be comes true. Two years, I kept that dream still finally I stepped on final class at twelve, my hope was lost as time going by its capability. It might be caused by some speculation that made my dream swinging out flied with other tweets, so when I had a chance to send my report soft file to be procced who have competence in selection (SNMPTN). To this opportunity, I just choice one university, who is name UNY, and two programs study namely biology education and primary school teacher education. In that case, I had not been lucky because there were three students who could be part of this chance and just one who accepted. My feeling was not too sad cause I was still having other dreams that I had to get in UGM trough the examination which was hold by Indonesia government (SBMPTN). I started to study for this since two weeks ago and do not get course like my friends have doing. I just took online course not temporary so when the date of announcement, my name wasn’t on the list. I cried as long as until my eyes had the bundle of pouch. My father just gave me to calm down, it was not the end of your story. So, from that time i have learned about sincerity. It is so very difficult but we as a human must accept His plan, we can just give the best to our life. Karena bukan tugas manusia untuk merencanakan hidup terlalu jauh, tugas manusia hanya berusaha dan berdoa ( hasil urusan Allah). Short time, I decided to register independent exam to SM UNY and UTUL UGM. In UGM I had registered two type,  S1 and vocation. All of these, there were not accepted. You can feel how it feelings. July 2018 is the month of struggle i think. I didn’t know what to do next, I didn’t want to be unemployed for one year. So, my brother gave me suggestion to register UMY because this university has many cooperative relationship with other nations. I decided to choice UMY for my next step on my education because i think i will get religion knowledge more than when i was in SMA and Agricultural as my choice. Finally, i was accepted at Agribussiness.

Maybe this is the best for me. The point is in every event or series of stories in life, there are beautiful things and meanings there. So, don’t be sad if your plan isn’t happened what you want.

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  1. yess… all right!! you must positif thinking to the allah swt always, again and again. I am very support because it is not the duty of humans to plan life too far, the task of humans is to just try and pray.

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