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Exampel wealth

Posted by Rafiq Ridho 15 Comments

Difficult denied and denied that the example was from A to Z are rich people. It is a historical fact.
1. Has the Prophet Muhammad was poor? Never but only briefly. The real, he longer richer than poor.
a. Prophet Muhammad as a trader since the age of 12 years and a businessman for 25 years.
b. He was traded to foreign countries at least 18 times, reaching the Age, Syrians, Busra, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain.
c. He has a lot of cows and 20 camels, camel ever seized by Uyainah bin Hishn.
d. It has a choice of camel (al-qashwa) and donkey option to facilitate travel and struggle
e. Only, he is simple. Eat it has food, clothing, and bedding were spurious.

2. Is there a companion of the Prophet who is not rich? Among the four closest friends prophets, it was only Ali ibn Abu Talib who are not rich.
a. Umar bin Khattab passed 70,000 properties worth trillions of rupiah (Fiqh Umar Economics: Dr. Jaribah)
b. Uthman property bequeathed sepanjng Aris region and Khaibah worth trillions of dollars
3. What about the other companions? Among the 10 companions of the Prophet who is guaranteed to go to heaven, it turns out almost all of the rich.
4. What about the Prophet’s favorite wife, Siti Khatidjah? Turns out he was richer than a prophet
5. Islam was brought to Indonesia by traders. They are rich people.
6. Wali Songo leader, Maulana Maghribi, was rich.
7. Founder NU and Muhammadiyah are rich people.
8. Islamic Trade Unions helped this country fight for freedom is a bunch of rich people

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Rafiq Ridho

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Exampel wealth

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