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It is interesting when experts view the analysis that suggests that the two great powers will rise again on this earth. Two forces is Islam and China. Once again the power that is Islm and China. This analysis also suggested by Andrie Wongso and Herman Kartajaya various occasions.
Analysis of the resurrection is not a mere rumor. Why not?
• In the United States alone, Chinese language with all its variants being most widely spoken language after English
• In the United States, Islam is the most widely professed religion, after Christianity.
• In the United States more Chinese restaurants than McDonald’s
• Not to mention Europe, Islam is the religion with the highest growth
• Not to mention the world, China became the country with the highest economic growth.
In the end when the words echoed the East, the West also feel depressed. What is clear, progress enjoyed by the West today is almost entirely derived from the East from being centuries ago. What is clear also, for centuries the Almighty always lowers the prophet and his book in the East, where ever in the West.
Problem prosperity, not just Chinese culture, Islamic culture is actually strongly encourage prosperity. Is not our prosperity will be easier to worship, study, and helping others. Did not the Prophet, the Prophet’s favorite wife, some companions of the Prophet was a prosperous merchant?
Unfortunately, the Muslims themselves are less literate or aware of this. Syafii Antonio, a Chinese economist who happened to be Muslim, also participated deplore this fact. Hopes for prosperity is the similarities between Islam and China

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Rafiq Ridho

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