Learning and Teaching Approach of Nursery or Preschool Jakarta
Edukasi / 23 Oktober 2020

 Nursery or preschool levels are encouraged to develop their self-awareness and confidence. Through playing, singing and learning, preschoolers gain skills to help them to write, read, build math and science skills. It includes learning skills on how to work in a group and how to be a student. Thus, in order to develop children ability, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta offers learning and teaching approach in fun ways.   Three Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Preschool 1. A Song as Media for Learning Process Children at age three to four can learn many things. But they can hardly remember or learn letter and numbers. That’s why using song as the primary learning materials to help them memorizing is the best approach in teaching. The children can begin to recognize letters and numbers easily. Besides, it can help young learners to pronounce and hear new words. At the same time, they can develop their language skills.   2. Rhymes as Approach for Learning Process Another approach used by preschool Jakarta is the aspect of developing the cognitive development of children. By using repetition of rhymes and stories, it is good for young learners’ brain. Teaching rhymes help develop differencing skills in…

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