puisi / 25 April 2012

SAHABAT Sahabat kau temani aku di setiap waktu Kau selalu ada di saat ku suka maupun duka Kau begitu berarti bagiku Tanpa sahabat aku merasa kesepiaan Oleh karena itu takakn ku biarkan sahabatku pergi Sahabat kau seperti bintang Yang bersinar di tengah malam Kau menghiasi malam yang gelap gulita

rekreasi di pantai jikumerasa
pulau buru / 25 April 2012

    Pada hari Minggu ketika suasana ‘Idul Fitri’, saya dan teman saya kerekreasi di pantai jikumerasa. pantai Jikumerasa adalah salah satu pantai terkenal di Namlea. Perjalanannya sekitar 1 jam dari kota. Karena kita mengunjungi pada hari Minggu jadi begitu banyak orang yang datang ke pantai jikumerasa ini.

position paper / 25 April 2012

    In this era of globalization is very rapidly developing technology, example is the cell phone. Many people use cell phones to facilitate communication. Cell phone has a lot of menus in it such as messaging, camera, internet, radio, music and others. From the menu at the top of course is very helpful to be better human life and progress. Of course, everybody has been using cell phones ranging from children to parents, because the cell phone is now included in the primary requirement. However the cell phone is not good if the use was a child.

descriptive / 25 April 2012

   On Monday, January 9th we went to Malioboro for interviews. After arriving at Malioboro we look for tourist to the interview. Moreover, it is not easy to find tourist who want to in the interview. Three people have refused to be interviewed by us. They refuse to various reasons such as no time, I’m busy and others. Some later we met a beautiful tourist. We invite him to went the interview and he did not refuse. She named Isabella. She came from France.

assignment / 25 April 2012

HOW TO KEEP OUR HEALTH     There are some ways to keep our health. Firstly, you can do some exercise. Second, we have to keep eating regularly and we should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Third, there are some ways adequate rest is need by our body. Forth, keep to our personal hygiene and environment. To conclude, there are many steps can we do to maintain our health.

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