25 April 2012

   On Monday, January 9th we went to Malioboro for interviews. After arriving at Malioboro we look for tourist to the interview. Moreover, it is not easy to find tourist who want to in the interview. Three people have refused to be interviewed by us. They refuse to various reasons such as no time, I’m busy and others. Some later we met a beautiful tourist. We invite him to went the interview and he did not refuse. She named Isabella. She came from France.
She arrived in Yogyakarta one week ago, exactly on January 2nd. She had visited Yogyakarta at third time. She stayed in Yogyakarta for two weeks. She came to Yogyakarta to play gamelan. She liked to play gamelan because the instruments gamelan has a good one. She had visited Bali Island and Merapi Mountain. She talks Indonesian cannot very well though. She was really liked traditional in Yogyakarta. She said Yogyakarta pollution free. She loved the city of Yogyakarta because she thought that the people were the resource persons quite gentle, smiling liked, and have good sense. In addition she also said his opinion that Indonesia is a beautiful country but in Indonesia are still many poverty people. She tell about the traditional dance in France that is
She asked question about where we studied and we answer education department of University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Then she also asked did you Muslim religion and what do you think is the give you plus wearing veil and we answer is yes and I think it is prove of our religion if girl or women wearing veil. Moreover she never understands that.

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