10 May 2013


             Smoking is an activity that is not good and harms us because smoking has been proven to be very harmful and dangerous to our health. Activity of smoking is widely found among good men of small children, young and old, there were even women who smoke. Smoking can cause addiction and therefore those hard to get rid of the smoking activity. And there are some people who crumble the dangers of smoking and smoking can lead to poverty. Therefore, smoking is not very good activity and a lot of that was obtained as a result of smoking.

To begin with, smoking is very harmful for us because it can interfere with our health. However, many people who saw smoking a natural thing and habit that should be done daily. So that we often find in any place there must be someone who smokes. Starting from the campus, in the market, at home, in offices and other places. And smoking can impair our health because smoking can cause various diseases. Diseases that can be caused by smoking are vascular disorders, cough, heart disease, oral cancer, lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, cancer osefagus, impotence, bronchitis, high blood pressure, disorders in pregnancy, as well as defects in the fetus and much more. All these diseases have been put out cigarettes packs of cigarettes but the fans always underestimate it. And diseases that have been listed are caused by materials used to make cigarettes. Materials cigarette makers are tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, acids hidrosianat, nitrogen oxides, karbarsol, indole, formaldehyde and cresol. These substances are very toxic, irritant, and cause cancer (korsinogen). Substances that cause cancer is primarily tar. Tar is a collection of thousands of chemicals in cigarette components, and is a carcinogen. So tar is also a material that causes cancer. A cigarette yield 10-30 mg of tar. Tar contained in cigarettes is associated with risk of cancer (Marieb, 2001) and (raven, 2005). So if someone ate too many cigarettes then that person will most likely cancer. Look in a single cigarette, there are four thousand of hazardous materials, see if we are smoking every day how many harmful substances that enter into our bodies. All it will very quickly spur the growth of diseases caused by smoking.

Furthermore, smoking can also cause addiction and therefore an active smoker is very difficult to eliminate the habit of smoking because cigarettes contain nicotine which causes addiction. Nicotine is the substance most often in meticulous person for poisoning the body’s nerves, increases blood pressure, causing constriction of peripheral blood vessels and cause addiction and dependence on the wearer. If the nicotine in the consumption of large amounts of very dangerous; 20-25 mg of nicotine can cause respiratory stop (Pratiwi, 2007). Although we already know the dangers of smoking but many people still smoke cigarettes. Nicotine is also dangerous for people who are not smokers or unusual smoke, smoking 1-2 mg of nicotine alone can cause dizziness, nausea, headache and vomiting, sweating, and pain in the stomach area. Some people say that smoking can give pleasure and no stop smoking. According to(Sitepoe, 1997)smoking can be fun even member’s enjoyment. However, smoking is also very dangerous to health, both for smokers and other people around him. So many losses caused by smoking among active smokers and passive smokers. However, passive smokers are much more disadvantaged because they do not smoke but us to feel the consequences of smoking. And secondhand smoke is dangerous and can pollute the air. Pollution is very detrimental to us as people who do not smoke. Air pollution is caused because cigarette smoke contains 4000 chemicals in cigarettes, with 40 species of which are carcinogenic (can cause cancer), in which toxic material is more in getting the smoke made its way into the free air and that will be in inhaled by passive smokers, such as carbon monoxide (CO) 5-fold more in the inhaled by passive smokers than active smokers, benzopiren 3 times, and ammonia 50 times. Materials – these materials can last up to several hours until in the room after smoking stopped. So the second-hand smokes are three times more to bear the effects of smoking than in active smokers. Therefore, a second-hand smoke should avoid people – people that active smokers to avoid the disease or hazardous substance contained in cigarettes.

Next, heavy smokers someone will surely be willing to spend money just to buy cigarettes. Many people who work hard but the results of their work in spend on useless activities such as smoking and others. So many people spend their money to meet the needs of smoking. Now the type of cigarette started a lot of so many people who tried it and most of the teens or young children easily influenced by cigarette brands that are currently available, it makes economic needs of smokers was increased due to the added to the needs of these cigarettes. Many people say that smoking can lead to poverty because of their economic needs grow. Many poor people who smoke because smoking can relieve stress but this can add to their needs. They meet the needs of smoking after meeting basic needs such as rice. While the rich take advantage of money just to buy cigarettes in donated to people who cannot afford to be useful.

Conclusion, smoking is very harmful because it endangers the health and pollutes the environment and can lead to poverty. Smoking is harmful to health because many hazardous substances contained in cigarettes smoke and cigarette smoke when we inhale the harmful substances that enter the body and cause various diseases, for both active and passive smokers. It would be nice for us to avoid smoking or avoid secondhand smoke to maintain our health in order to stay healthy and avoid the various sorts of diseases caused by smoking.



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