10 May 2013

Name: Retna Rumayanti

Nim: 20110540018



            There are some to keep our healthy. Maintaining health is very important that we avoid the body from various diseases. Many ways that we can do to maintain health such as health exercise, maintain a diet, adequate rest and sleep and also keeping the environment clean. By doing activities that are positive and beneficial we can live healthy.

Regular exercise can keep us in order to stay healthy, so not many who like to maintain health through exercise. Sports that nourish our bodies like a morning run, gymnastics, aerobics, badminton, volleyball, football etc.

We have to keep eating regularly, eating healthy foods that four of five perfectly. We should eat foods that contain vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and other substance is needed by the human body. And we should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day so you’re hydrated. We can also drink milk every morning because milk contains many vitamins and minerals are a combination of nutritional content of nutrients and help meet our energy needs. To meet the nutrition and nutrients in the body, we should eat lots of vegetables and fruits. In addition to keeping our bodies stay healthy avoid foods or drink that can harm our body such as alcoholic beverages, smoking, and food and beverages at by Allah.

Adequate rest is in need by the body because if the rest are less able to interfere with our activities. Sleep is also needed by the body, good sleep approximately eight hours each night, try not to exceed or are less than eight hours of the morning so that we can wake up whit the body remains fresh.

And are important in maintaining health is to maintain personal hygiene and our environment. Keeping the environment clean to prevent disease, bacteria or viruses than can attack us and the usually live in dirty places. We can keep environmental hygiene example cleaning gutters, sweeping the house, taking out the trash in place or not in any place and others. As for personal hygiene such as bathing at least twice a day, wear clean clothes, and others.

In conclusion, if you love yourself you will always keep your body to stay healthy because I think health is one key to success and happiness.


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