10 May 2013



          My hometown is Pulau Buru. Pulau Buru is one of the islands in Indonesia. Pulau Buru is a very small island. On the Pulau Buru, I live in the Namlea city. Namlea is a small city. However, Namlea is a beautiful city.

Namlea is the strategically place. If we are go to Namlea we can use much transport. the transportation are aircraft, ships, motorcycles, buses, and cars. However if we are from Ambon, we cannot use transportation such as cars, motorcycles, or buses because we crossed the ocean. So, we just can use  aircraft and ships.

Namlea is an interesting city. Many people who visit Namlea because there are many tourist place such as Jikumerasa beach, Lala beach and other. Namlea surrounded by ocean so most resorts are located on the Namlea beach. In Namlea there are also many eucalyptus trees are greening mountains.

Namlea have hot weather. Hot weather because the few trees that existing in Namlea. The trees are namlea only mangrove, eucalyptus oil and coconut trees.  why can as this maybe  Namlea is  closed to the beach. The conclusion, the location has Namlea strategy, have hot weather, but Namlea is an interesting city to visit as many beaches can visit for a vocation.

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