deep discussion of Contact Lenses Myths

8 February 2018

Although contact lens technology is more advanced, there are still many people who worry about using contact lenses. Though contact lenses are one practical solution for eye sufferers minus.

To answer your concerns, let’s peel more deeply the myths and facts about the use of contact lenses.

deep discussion of Contact Lenses Myths

1. Contact Lenses Only for Minus Eyes

Who said that? with technological advancements in the field of contact lenses are very rapid, almost anyone can wear contacts. For example, there is now a soft toric contact lens that corrects cylindrical eyes.


2. Contact lenses Can Be Lost Behind the Eyes

Certainly not! The conjunctiva is a thin membrane that covers the whites of your eyes and connects to the inside of your eyelid, making it impossible for contact lenses to get lost behind your eyes.


3. Uncomfortable Contact Lenses

Not true. After a short adaptation period, most people do not even realize they are wearing contact lenses.


4. Contact Lenses Can Be Permanent Sticking to the Eyes

While it is true that soft contact lenses can stick to the surface of your eye if it dries, but by re-wetting it using a saline solution or a multipurpose solution, the contact lenses will move flexibly again.


5. Contact Lens Care is a hassle

Not really, by using daily type contact lenses, contact lenses become more hygienic and not at all fuss.


6. Using Contact Lenses Causes Eye Problems

It is true that wearing contact lenses can increase the risk of eye problems. But if you follow your ophthalmologist’s instructions or Optician Refraction on how to care for contact lenses, how long they last, and how often you should replace, wearing contact lenses will not cause irritation and eye problems.


7. Contact Lenses are Difficult to Install

It may seem difficult at first, but Optical Refractions in your optics will ensure you learn how to install and disconnect your contacts before you leave their Optics. Or you can read tips on how to install and remove contact lenses here.


8. Contact Lenses Often Eyes Off

A few years ago, ancient hard contact lenses can sometimes escape the wearer’s eyes during sports or other activities. But the current contact lenses – including RGP lenses – are sized to fit the size of your cornea so that very rarely contact lenses can escape by themselves.


9. Contact lenses are expensive.

Not true. Contact lenses can sometimes be cheaper than a pair of glasses. as in lancer javakadiri, you can buy contact lenses with cheap price in single optics. writing that I quote from the blog page javakadiri that peel about pilihan kacamata berkualitas dan pelayanan terbaik di optik tunggal


10. Contact Lenses Only For Young Children

Who says it? With monovision techniques and contact lenses designed specifically for dry eyes, old age is no longer a barrier in using contact lenses. Ask your ophthalmologist or Optician Refractions in your optics about your likelihood of using contact lenses

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