Expedition on Mount Lawu


Hallo climbers mania .. how are you? hopefully always given health. This time I will share an experience when climbing Mount Lawu. This time was very different from my previous post. I am always reminded of this mountain because of the mountain is the first time I got experience of Mountaineering. At that time November 2014, for the first time I climbed the mountain. Departing from Jogjakarta 3:45 pm until 8:00 pm in Tawangmangu. Well from Tawangmangu to basecamp Cemoro Kandang¬†¬†takes approximately 1 hour. Finally I and colleagues arrived at basecamp Cemoro Kandang at 9:20 pm. we immediately clean up for a hike, before leaving there two climbers who had used the road but returned to basecamp. When asked by a guard, they both answered if his way to come back, they like being played and created confusion. And the guard tell if want to start at least read prayers and got permission from the base camp guard, if not so that’s a consequence. eventually they both come to our party. Amid the trip very much at all post shadow. when it gets posted to one of our rest but they both did and immediately separated from our party and we were not able to hold them together and let them determine their own path. a few minutes we were relaxing and we continue the climb and post 2 was reached. After a trip in post 2 we passed forests of tree cover is tilting all. We are required to crawl and creep. How difficult the terrain. Along the way I got a little accident. My head is too up and hit a tree branch. Initially thought not anything but shortly afterwards I felt there was flowing from my head, I guess rainwater or dew from the leaves, it was not. How I was surprised to see blood coming out from the crown of my head. we pause to treat my head and then we continue the journey. Long story short we got to the summit at 9.00 am. We dropped by 1.00 pm and we fell in Cemoro sewu.

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