A 16-year-old high school girl named Juno MacGuff has a friend named Paulie Bleeker. Unexpectedly, Juno had to accept the bitter reality because he had been pregnant by his best friend. Juno told Paulie Bleeker and he was very shocked at the news of his pregnancy.

After he was 2 months old, he did not know what to do. Previously, Juno never talked about his pregnancy to his family, only Bleeker himself and Leah (Olivia Thirlby) who became friends and friends to confide in. Seeing his growing belly, Juno became desperate. Finally he decided to abort the pregnancy. Then Juno and Bleeker went to an Abortion clinic, at the clinic they saw a video about the abortion process. After finishing seeing the video, Juno finally changed his mind and took the initiative to keep giving birth to his child and give it to those who needed it more.

Both of them were not lovers, they were a pair of friends who both banded at school. Because of innocence and great curiosity for teenagers at their age, it caused the ‘stupid’ relationship. Yes, Juno and Bleeker themselves did not know the consequences of the action. Even Juno didn’t know the essence of containing a baby. Juno planned to abort him innocently even though he finally abandoned his intention. Bleeker loved Juno very much, he was very concerned about the development of the fetus that was contained in Juno, and they both loved each other.

Because the pregnancy was getting longer, Juno’s stomach got bigger and this couldn’t be hidden anymore, finally Juno opened about his pregnancy to his father (J.K. Simmons) and his stepmother, Brenda (Allison Janney). His parents responded to the problem faced by Juno calmly. Juno told of his plan that the baby would be given later to a husband and wife who had been waiting for a child, Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) and his parents agreed to Juno’s decision. His parents responded to his daughter’s pregnancy so calmly without any emotion. The actions of Juno’s parents needed to be exemplified, so calm facing the problems that had been experienced by his daughter. Dealing with a problem of any size had to be done with a cold head. thingking with emotions wouldn’t not solve a problem. Actually, Juno’s parents did not feel relaxed with his daughter’s pregnancy, but at least his parents knew what was best for Juno.

After Juno got to know Mark and Vanessa’s partner, he began to believe that his baby was in the hands of the right person. He began to think of the best for his baby’s future, even though he did not have to care for him. After all, Juno still needed to enjoy many beautiful things in his youth. Between Juno and his baby, of course there was a kind of bond, which made Juno love him so much and couln’t just leave. But on the one hand, Juno still feelt ‘heavy’ to raise himself at a young age. ‘It cannot be justified, nor can it be blamed ‘. Maybe that’s the right sentence for Juno who didn’t know anything about intimate pre-marital relationships, but his ignorance made it a new problem.

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