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Brook, J. (2011). The affordances of YouTube for language learning and teaching. Hawaii Pacific University TESOL Working , Paper Series 9(1, 2), 37-56.


            Brook in this article show that YouTube can be used as a tool to produce an authentic, student-centered project especially instruction in English as a second language or foreign language classrooms. Besides that, YouTube has been shown to be a tool that facilitates language and teaching and confident building, as well as affords authentic, student-centered activities with increased participation. Moreover, YouTube also affords learner-centered activities by enabling students to become engaged and interested in the subject matter.  It also provides the environment for students to interact, construct meaning, and become more engaged, which positively affects the dynamic of the classroom (Malhiwsky, 2010) and possibly language acquisition. The article also point out about some potential limitations of the use of YouTube and other Web 2.0 tools, such as student privacy and inappropriate material, is discussed. Some teachers may still worry that using the Internet and websites such as YouTube may cause students to be distracted from language learning. However, the teacher should give instruction for the student about what should they learn or having clear instructions, it’s can make student’s focus for learn.

            This article extend about affordance of YouTube as gleaned from the research, was incorporate by giving the students the opportunity to choose a topic of interest, also encouraging interaction with native and non-native speakers in and outside of class. In this article also show about some challenges in carrying out the lesson using YouTube in classroom. YouTube is effective for learning language, especially learning English.

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