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Oddone, C. (2011). Using Videos from YouTube and Websites in the CLIL Classroom. Studies About languages , 18 (18), 105-110.


            The author this journal, give report about a research study that was carried  out  on the use of videos for task-based learning of scientific subjects through English in secondary education and examines the potential of implementing CLIL classes in language learning contexts with the aim of improving students’ competence by enhancing their motivation.  CLIL methodology involves a combination of subject and language teaching with careful attention to learners’ language level and skills. the paper also describes the advantages of using technology, a wide range of video-sharing websites is available on the Internet, including video lessons from YouTube, documentaries and educational material which can be used to facilitate students’ meaningful learning.The adveantages using video in learning language are Videos have a compelling  power in the language classroom, especially when the  classroom activities are concentrated on short sequences. Moreover, authentic material usually proves to be particularly motivating as people find it interesting to understand “real  things”. Videos give access to things, places, people’s  behaviour, and events. Wilson (2000) which suggests that  students like learning languages through audio-visual material. These clues may be a key support for helping students to cope with mother-tongue language. Despite the initial bewilderment when listening to native speakers talking, students seem to be able to understand words more easily when utterances are backed up by images or actions.

            This journal confer about video is one of tools that supporting in learning activity. This journa also illustrates how audiovisual material can be employed to teach other subjects through English  with  low-level  learners. Some  important  issues must be dealt with, such as the analysis of learners’ features and background knowledge. I think this journal is useful for teacher, it’s give information about video that support in learning language activity.

Key-words: CLIL (Content and Learning Integral Language)

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