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This article reviews about the potential value and uses of video clips in the college classroom. Video clips are a major resource for teaching the Net Generation and for drawing on their multiple intelligences and learning styles to increase the success of every student. The components of a video potentially provide a best fit to the characteristics of this Net Generation of students and a valid approach to tap their multiple intelligences and learning styles. Concrete guidelines are given for using available video technology in the classroom, selecting appropriate video clips for any class and applying those clips as a systematic teaching tool. The learning potential of the clips was expressed as 20 learning outcomes at the outset and 12 specific techniques at the end. This journal result that videos and multimedia learning provides an empirical foundation for their use in teaching and learning, especially with introductory courses and novice learners, to increase memory, comprehension, understanding, and deeper learning. It was also clear that additional evidence needs to be collected in all disciplines to support the various uses of video clips in college teaching.

            This article gives more information about technology as facilitate in the classroom and the number of video techniques an instructor can use. Videos can be facilitates in learning and teaching activity. It can help full to achieve the goal of learning process. This article also explain about the use of clips can also attain 20 specific learning outcomes.

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