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Most popular Free Seo tools

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Seo toolsFree SEO tools

Is there some people who ever try some most popular free Seo tools in Indonesian’s web master? If the answer not yet, let’s we recognize that free seo tools together. Starting from plug in (You can embed to some browser) until free web tools that had amazing performance, the information as follow.

SEO Quake
SEO Quake is plug in SEO add Ons that can be installed in some browser such as Mozilla Firefox, IE and Chrome. The function of this plug in is to show the size of SEO websites pages, through some parameter that you can see in Page rank, alexa rank , Google index page, Google back link , Whois, Delicious index etc.

InFormEnter Is a Plug in Semi SEO Which can help you to write an automatic commentary in every blog comments field, certainly it will very help you all who have laziness to do Blog walking, because you can visit more than 100 Blog without tiring for writing that words repeatedly on form commentary blog that we have visited , So you do not afraid for your reducing of laziness level, like this aphorism” Slow but sure”

Spider Test
Spider Test is a Web Seo Tools that it may you for seeing Clawer result that has been done by a spider that own by Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can see how far the effectiveness of your web pages in that machine spiders eyes, remember many blogs that have good looking outside is not sure have a good looking inside, don’t believe! Check it out to Spider test.

Who is domain
Who is domain is a web seo tools that it may you to see for site information in detail, start from hosting Place, Name server, seo score and plenty more .The Question is why we have to now it? Because it will very useful if you want to buy a website (full packet), by knowing that background, you can measure the validity of website.

Page speed labs
Page speed labs is a web seo tools made by Google for seeing the speed of loading of a website/blog when the browser will access it. Page speed also gives the information about whatever files which burden that web, and gives the parameter of weight of those files when it stay in a website/ blog.

Is that too clear? Yah a little more of the shortage I beg your pardon ya,,, (only share) , now , up to you , do you want to be number 1 in Google or not? Cause I have tried it and many of my articles had been caught in the first cabin of Google, Don’t believe it? Just check it! But don’t let me down from my position ok! And i think enaugh for Most popular Free Seo tools for webmaster.

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