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The fast way indexed in yahoo search

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yahoo searchIndexed yahoo search sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, Why? Because yahoo is different than google, but we have to believe that yahoo search is a second searching machine in the world, so we cannot lay aside for this second traffic source, how’s the way? This is the article about the fast way indexed yahoo search.

The default way indexed in yahoo search

  1. Log in to url : http: // click submit your site.
  2. Enter our blog link into submit a website or webpage and then click the submit url
  3. Enter our blog link in to site feed and then click the submit feed.

7 fast ways indexed in yahoo search

  1. Open URL directory yahoo search in
  2. Look the left side and choose sub category, in here Vira choose : sub category “web “ in categories “ computers and internet”
  3. Then choose again an additional categories side for more specific
  4. Look again to the upper right corner and choose Suggest a site menu.
  5. After that, choose standard consideration and go to the next page.
  6. Fill the data about your blog and remember in your contact information part, fill the Security email ID with your yahoo email.
  7. Submit and finish.

Other fast ways indexed in yahoo search

Make sure that you have had akun – akun yahoo such: yahoo! Image, yahoo! Video,Yahoo! Local,Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Shopping Search, My Web, Yahoo! Personals, Yahoo! 360°, Delicious, Flickr, Yahoo! Buzz and Yahoo! MIM, Why? Because those yahoo’s services Can help your web indexing by filling the web profile in profile part, and then put that web profile to your web, InsyaAllah Yahoo will be Faster to indexes your web.

It is easy, isn’t it? There is one trick which you have to make many commentary in a group/mailing list yahoo by Put the link, That’s all for my articles for request articles The fast ways indexed in yahoo search, if there are more input or or added knowledge please share it ok! Peace for Indonesian bogger.

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