Berbagi pengalaman tentang sebuah blog

wordpressKnowing basic page of wordpress theme is an ordinary thing that must be done by WordPress users, why? Because by knowing basic structure pages you can recognize and see how the website wordpress arranged. Let’s check it out!

10 most important basic page of wordpress

  1. Header .php is a file for header’s data definition, it’s usually contains the title of blog ,short description of blog and data of META and HEAD information.
  2. Footer .php is a file for value definition of part of footer in every page of website.
  3. Style.css is a file/page( cascading style sheet) for display definition ( Design web) in your website wordpress . file/page css it’s self used for saving the information about the theme of website such : name of theme , version of code, description of theme, maker of theme, address of theme’s maker by using tag that has same standards.
  4. Index.php is the main file/page for showing the contents of blog.
  5. Home .php is a file/page for main display of the blog ( Home display)
  6. Page .php is a file/page for display in a “halaman/page”. Page it’s self is a static page from blog wordpress. The example is in the page about us, privacy in the menu above.
  7. Single .php is a file/page for anything that will be showed on “page post”. Page post is a page that show your posting completely, complete with the part of commentary. The example of the page post is the page that you are reading now.
  8. Comment .php is a file/page for term of commentary in the part of commentary page and form in a page.
  9. Search .php is a file/page for any items that will be showed in a searching page.
  10. Archive .php is a file/page for a any items that will be showed in category page, tag and archives.

I add 4 optional files just for you .

  1. 404.php is a file/page for any items that will be showed in a wrong page or it’s usually called by error page.
  2. Function .php is a file/page that is used for describing the function of a particular wordpress.
  3. Screenshot .png is an image file that has a measurement of 300 x 225 Pixel. This image file used for showing your screenshoot website on the Design Dashboard wordpress menu.
  4. Sidebar.php is a file/page contains groups of link widget such as: archive , category, meta data, blogroll, etc.

However the 14 items above are not absolutely used all to run a theme wordpress well, because honestly, only with index file, header and style you can run the theme in your own wordpress, why? Because those three files are the main file, like a human that have a physical defect they can keep their life and called human.

That’s all my explanation for recognizing The most important basic page of wordpress,  i hope this will take effect and help you all .thank you

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